13 candid thoughts of men about which their women are unaware


Men who are in a relationship and have serious feelings for their chosen ones, also have their skeletons in the closet. Perhaps this is not the worst thing, but this is what men carefully conceal. 13 brave souls shared their revelations in which they never admit to their girls.

1. She is not the best in bed

“Of all the girls with whom I seriously met, not one got into the top five sexually. Still looking forward to seeing that perfect one. ”

2. He paid for sex before

“If my girlfriend knew that I was sleeping with a prostitute, she would have thought that I was a dirty type or something.”

3. Girls dance on his lap when he goes to a strip club

“It's funny how easy it is to convince a woman that you were the only one who did not dance on your knees in a strip club. Therefore, you could also keep saying what they want to hear. ”

4. He watches a lot more porn than she thinks.

“If my girlfriend knew how often I watch porn, she would be shocked. She once mentioned a study that said that people who watch porn more than ten hours a week are nymphomaniac or something like that. Just think ... "

5. What makes him excited would shock her

“In my experience, the female gender is not programmed to understand why the guy is excited by strange things. Personally, anime-style porn turns me on. If my girlfriend knew about this, she would have thought that I was a pervert. ”

6. His ex appears to be a decent person.

“Once a girl and I met my ex. Later that day, I accidentally mentioned to her that my ex looked great: she was cheerful and in good shape. Damn it was a mistake. It doesn't matter how good or beautiful your ex is. Do not praise her in front of your girlfriend. "

7. Her best friend is a hot little thing.

“My girlfriend’s best friend has a very beautiful breast, and she knows how to emphasize this. Naturally, I like it when she is around, but I keep my emotions with me. I will even agree with my girlfriend if she says that her friend is dressing too dissolute or something like that. ”

8. He knows exactly when she has her period, looking at her behavior.

“It's all about the female cycle. He's predictable, right? You can keep track of her emotional outbursts all the time, but if you ever mention that she behaves too aggressively, because now she has her period - man, hold on. ”

9. She’s going too long

“My girlfriend is going to be at least two hours. Yes, it always looks great, but, in my opinion, the end result does not justify the time that is invested in it. You might think that this is a compliment to tell her that she should not waste time on makeup or something like that, but no. I was almost thrown for it. ”

10. No need to spend more time together.

“After a certain point in any long-term relationship I was in, the girl starts saying“ we need to spend more time together ”or something like that. Maybe they feel restless, anxious, or something else. But I know that it is better not to say that you have enough time that you spend together. Always pretend you are ready for more. Is always."

11. He wants her because he was excited by another

“Sometimes a man comes home excited, because he saw a sexy girl on the street or he flirted with his colleague in the office. It’s quite natural that someone other than your girl turns you on, and then you go home to have sex with her. And it is not always necessary to explain why you jump at her the minute you enter home. ”

12. He can not say that she recovered

“It doesn’t bother me when my girlfriend is gaining a few pounds. Actually, I like it. She always looks good naked. ”

13. He would rather stay at home and drink a beer than go on a date with her.

“A date is a dinner with a different name. In truth, I would always prefer to stay at home, have a beer and order food: it's cheaper and more fun. My girlfriend definitely doesn't need to know. ”