Out of competition: 6 ways to look better than other women


No matter what style we have, we feel when clothes make us feel more confident and which makes us feel insecure. However, none of these sensations does not necessarily mean that we know how to choose the right clothes for ourselves - whether in the store or in our own closet.

Fortunately, Hollywood stylist Lisa Evans says it’s easy to fix.

According to her, everything starts with the answer to one question: “What thing did I wear, in which I felt fine?”.

As soon as you answer this question, you will have all the necessary information.

When you feel comfortable and confident - you feel happier. A sense of confidence and happiness affects your career and your personal life - yes, it can all depend on something so simple, like how you dress and go out into the world.

And yet, most of the time, we cannot decide what to wear or what to wear with this or that thing, we worry about whether we choose what we want.

It's funny, but in most aspects of our life, we really understand what we want and what suits us best. We just go to the store and choose it. But with clothes somehow everything is different.

Many people think that looking good is an unattainable skill, which only the most stylish can master, and even better - thin and tall - in fact, models. But this is absolutely wrong.

Here is a simple guide from a star stylist in choosing suitable clothing.

Think of the clothes you see on fashion shows or in magazines as art

@ thestyleograph What you see on the models is intended to make an artistic statement. For the most part, the clothes you wear should be used as a tool to increase your happiness, self-confidence and a sense of well-being.

Start by separating these two ideas: there is art, and there is your everyday “uniform,” everyday wear that you wear, which can sometimes be an expression of art if it is close to you.

This is the first step. Separate art from everyday life and separate attempts (and, possibly, failures) to make an artistic statement from simply wearing the clothes in which you are comfortable and in which you are confident.

Remember the things you felt great about

@ thestyleograph Maybe it was at school, maybe it was many years ago, maybe it was last week, but at some point you just felt fine in something that you were wearing.

When you analyze why this or that thing works, you can, on the basis of these characteristics and data (cut, silhouette, design, fabric), choose for yourself clothes that also work perfectly and complement your wardrobe.

Let's say you want to buy new pants. Their cut and feel when wearing should be similar to the feeling of those pants or jeans that you already have and in which you feel not only comfortable and confident, but also beautiful.

Never wear something just because other people wear it. Never wear something just because you think you should for fashion. Otherwise, you will feel insecure and shy. But your clothes should always give you strength.

Fill your wardrobe with the things you like.

@ thestyleograph Determine which cut, design, models and texture of clothes you like - and fill your wardrobe with them?

You do not need to worry about whether it is fashionable enough - let you most care about how you feel in what you wear. If you are uncomfortable - it will be more noticeable than you think.

This especially applies to shoes. If you are uncomfortable in shoes, then it does not matter how great they are.

“Women love sexy heels,” says Lisa, “but if you find it difficult to walk on them, find the height at which you are comfortable. I know my height, and I do not exceed it. ”

When you know which models you like and most of all go to you, shopping becomes much easier.

The goal is to collect a fairly small collection of things that suit you well and make you feel great.

To this basic wardrobe you can already add something new or unusual from time to time, when you want to have some fun. But such things are not in your style should be the exception, not the rule, because, although the "other" can be sometimes exciting, every day you want to feel good, so you can go out and be confident.

Use color to create a stylish and sophisticated look.

@ thestyleograph Suppose you want to wear jeans and a shirt. If you wear a white shirt and faded blue jeans, this will be a fairly simple combination.

If you wear a black shirt with dark jeans and a black belt, then it will be a more sophisticated version of your denim outfit.

Thus, after you decide what color suits you, you can create any combination with it.

Find a fashion solution and stick with this solution.

@ thestyleograph The search for a fine color palette that you like, not only facilitates the selection of clothes in the morning, but also provides attention to you, not to your clothes.

Look in the mirror: if your eyes first pay attention to the color of the clothes and only because of the face, this is a bold color for you.

Win-win shades are neutral, such as black, navy, white, cream, beige and kemel.

First of all, dress so as to inspire yourself, and to impress others is a secondary task.

@ thestyleographcomplications - it is always nice, but you should not focus on them. What you wear relates primarily to you. And only your own compliment matters. What others think is far less important, something that you feel.

Use this as a guide, and you will always choose the right clothes.

And if you still do not have suitable clothes in your wardrobe, start collecting them, because now you know how easy it can be done.