9 unobvious signals in the behavior of a man who will change. Is always


There are certain signs that a man has changed, is changing and will change. Such a partner will never want to work on himself to keep you. Here are 9 signs that you have contacted a “professional” traitor.

1. He does not introduce you to anyone important in his life.

We enter into relationships with those whom we consider to be the best. But it is important to keep track of the big gaps in the relationship. If he does not introduce you to anyone from his family or circle of friends, this is a potential indicator that he is hiding something from you.

If you see that he does not publish photos with you, if he pretends to be meeting with his friends, this may be the behavior of an experienced traitor. He wants to look lonely for everyone else.

2. It is often unavailable, and the excuses are unclear.

If he doesn’t work at a job you know, his rare messages are very suspicious. The cheaters need to find time for their “actions”. And when they work late or at the last minute they have urgent tasks from the chief, it is easier for them to go to the side.

3. His phone is password protected.

Men who have secret connections will carefully hide all the ways in which they can be detected. For example, a strong password on his smartphone or laptop, as well as name encryption. Attractive colleague Ekaterina can be recorded in the phone book as "Peter Office".

4. He suddenly becomes the “man of the year” or constantly quarrels with you

If he does not like to give you unexpected gifts, perhaps there is a reason for this. If you have been together for a long time, make sure that he too often shows signs of sympathy. Sudden pleasant surprises may mean that he feels guilty for treason. He may also start quarreling to make you angry so that you can break up with him.

5. He speaks strangely about your career or your salary.

One study found that men who either earned much more or much less than their women were more likely to change.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is that he openly expresses jealousy of your career or, conversely, humiliates you for not being as successful as he is. If he denies these feelings and refuses to work on his own insecurity, then, in spite of your mutual feelings, he probably sleeps with another, just to feel better.

6. His friends are female haters

Even if he treats you with the greatest respect, you have to wonder why his main company of friends consists of men who think that cheating is normal. After all, being a part of this company, he must agree with all the blatant sexist opinions of his friends.

If he is part of a culture in which women are treated as objects for their own pleasure, and this is his group of friends, this is not a good sign.

7. Your relationship began when he was with another woman.

This is too suspicious if the guy is constantly flirting or even talking to you, meeting with his girlfriend. If he could do it with her so easily and innocently with her, why on earth would you think that he would not do it with you?

8. He does not feel guilty enough to confess to treason.

Whether or not your couple can overcome treason depends on whether it was revealed. If the deception torments him, he must be able to tell about it and understand your condition, to see if you can accept it.

If he recognizes adultery, then know: it disturbs him so much that he wants to fix everything and start working on himself. He who deceives again will not make much effort to get you back.

9. You just really feel that something is wrong.

If your heart says something is wrong, listen. The cheaters, who constantly sleep with other women, masterfully hide their tracks. And you can not learn about treason, until someone from mutual friends will not tell you about it. Such news can be a real blow, especially if everything in this man seems too perfect to be true. But if there are parts that simply do not add up, or you have any suspicions, trust this feeling.