A life

She just wanted her husband to be jealous, and he filed for divorce.

My friend Olya constantly complained about a boring and bland family life - mole, her husband became too cold, almost did not pay attention to her, showed no interest, did not want sex, and did not even notice the new hairstyle and sexy lacy underwear. Poor Olya has simply lost her feet to refresh life and turn the family boat to the desired course - she cooked delicious borscht, baked three-story cakes, wore seductive dresses, offered experiments in sex and chose last-minute trips to the sea for two.

All efforts were in vain, until one day she read a practical piece of advice in a women's magazine: that a man should be kindled to you again and remember your marital duties, just flirt before his eyes with another. Cute smile, show the wonders of temptation and call your faithful to jealousy. The magazine promised that the result will be pleasantly surprised and not long in coming.

“That's it!”, Thought Olya, and began to implement her plans. The most difficult thing was to persuade a careless husband to go with her to the nearest corporate office worker, and there she would be able to stir up his feelings and raise manhood. By long persuasion and tricks, Mikhail, sullenly and reluctantly, agreed to join his wife, and pleased Olya flew away to do a new haircut, buy a breathtaking dress with shoes and undergo a full course of anti-aging procedures.

On the day of X, Olya, fully armed, appeared at the corporate party accompanied by her husband. He immediately retired to a far corner and, propping up the wall, sipped his beer and glanced gloomily around. Olya took a deep breath and began to take action. Her target was Stas, a young, shy, inexperienced and long-time interested in her.

Remembering her student years and reviving all her skills from the professional temptation of men, Olya rubbed around Stasik with ease, made eyes, smiled sweetly, laughed about and without, offered to drink brotherhood, flirted with recklessness and languidly rubbed about him with an extreme neckline. Stas got drunk more and more, didn’t take his eyes off Olin's charms and went crazy with blinking happiness.

When the couple began to spin in a quick dance, Olya, glancing at her stern husband, put her hands on Stasik’s shoulders, pressed herself to him with all that he could, and she kissed her lips long and languidly. He, forgetting to breathe, shamelessly stuck his hands under Olya's seductive dress and began to feel all that he had previously only dreamed of in erotic dreams.

At that moment, Olya saw Misha, walking with great strides towards her. “Well, really, my prince woke up and was jealous,” she thought, while the heart was doing a triple flip in the chest. Misha flew up to Stas, in one fell swoop he tore him from Oli and smashed his nose with all his might. Stas, howling, doubled over, looking at the dripping scarlet blood with horror.

“My dear, well, you don’t have to show your love for me as much,” Olina said, and at the same moment her cheek was burned with such a cheek that seemed to ring in her head. “That's sh…, I knew that you simply instructed me to horn, and you build a good girl at home,” shouted Misha. After that, there was another tirade from non-literary words, but from the confusion and horror of what was happening, Olya simply did not understand the meaning of what was said.

The whole story ended very sadly. No updated feelings, another round of love and a new course of family life. Misha, having decided that his wife had cheated on him for a long time, filed for divorce with the division of property. As Olga did not try, she couldn’t convince him that all this was a specially arranged scene to refresh their love. All that's left is divorce and maiden name.

That turned out to be a test of her husband for jealousy - more than enough emotions and impressions.