It's a shame not to know: 7 secrets of makeup that will be useful to a mature woman

The times of constant experiments have passed - if you have already crossed the third dozen, then your beauty routine should be mastered perfectly. So memorize these 7 beauty make-up techniques that every woman should know.

How to wear bright lipstick

By the time you reach your third decade, you should be well versed in the rules of bold trends, whether it is bright red lipstick that you combine with black total-look, or a wine-colored lip that you wear with combed back hair .

And how to make it last all day

To do this, create a foundation by applying a flesh-colored pencil or lipstick on your lips, and you can safely apply the lipstick on top. For greater durability, you can apply transparent powder over the lipstick. Voila: the firmness of lip makeup is ensured for the whole day.

How to achieve thick but neat eyelashes

Hint: always use two mascaras. Start with a voluminous one to create the effect of thick eyelashes, and then add a waterproof lengthening mascara to separate the eyelashes and give them an expressive length.

How to choose a tonal basis

Walking with a face that is a completely different color than your rest of the skin is definitely nonsense! To find the right shade of the tonal base, check it on the clavicle, not on the back of the hand. Also shade the medium well and be careful with the contouring.

How to dye your eyebrows

You probably have already had time to experiment with enough eye shadows and lipsticks to realize that eyebrows that are too bright are just as bad as those with spaces. The secret is to paint eyebrows with short strokes that mimic the hairs on the eyebrows and fill in the gaps.

How to remove makeup

The first and most important rule - do not fall asleep with makeup. It is time to perfectly master the technique of removing makeup. To remove makeup from the eyes, without stretching the delicate skin in this area, soak a cotton pad with makeup remover, put the disc on your eyelids and hold it for ten seconds before carefully removing makeup residues.

How not to follow every beauty trend

Glitter on the nails? Good. Glitter on the lips? More likely no than yes. Set your beauty boundaries and know when you need to say no to time trends. It is better to devote your time to look beautiful without much effort.