7 new products in accessories that will be in fashion in spring 2019

In New York, London, Milan and Paris, fashionable fashion shows are taking place with might and main - and where, if not at these shows, the main trends of the upcoming season are shown to the whole world. Especially - trends in accessories.

Some designers offer to wear practical sandals in a minimalist style on a flat sole, while others vote for unusual artistic models with a surreal design. And the trend for microsuns is adjacent to the trend for huge bags for those who like to carry their things with them.

So, here are the 7 main accessory trends of the coming spring.

Shoes with an unusual heel

Do not rush to invest in only sneakers and classic shoes. At the peak of popularity now - models on a surreal heel of the most unexpected forms, colors and sizes.

Huge glasses

Perhaps it’s time to put aside narrow glasses so popular last season - they were replaced by larger models. They look like ski goggles, no less!

Waist Bags

The trend on the waist bags, it seems, is not going to weaken. In the new season, these bags have become more elegant, and now they can now be worn not only at the waist, but also in the hands, if you so desire.

Hats with a veil

You must agree that such an accessory will add to the image something aristocratic, feminine, mysterious and even fabulous.

Bags of geometric shapes

Circle or square? The question of what form the bag to take with you on the way out you will ask yourself again and again in the coming season. After all, bags in the form of chests and spheres are now at the peak of popularity.

Feathers and rhinestones

If you put on a discreet laconic outfit - your accessories can and should be expressive. So feel free to choose shoes and bags with rhinestones or feathers - they are now extremely relevant and will provide you with one hundred percent fashionable hitting the target.

Bulk bags

Bags of hyperbolic sizes are really relevant. And this is great news for those who love to carry everything with them and have on hand essentials, including a laptop, a training suit or, for example, interchangeable shoes to go straight to a party after work.