5 cruel signs of the zodiac that constantly hurt others

There is nothing worse than cruelty. Cruel people, as a rule, are evil, mean, intolerable and vindictive. It is difficult to get compassion and sympathy from them. Astrology can give us a clear idea of ​​such zodiac signs. However, do not rush to automatically rank them as universal evil only because they tend to be cruel to others.


Scorpions are the most brutal. They do not see anything especially in walking on their heads and manipulating others in order to get what they want. They lack sympathy for those to whom they have hurt, as if the person himself was to blame for getting Scorpio in the way.

Scorpio thinks with assumptions, without really going into your motives, intentions and goals, and reacts to them without even making sure that the information he has is correct. Scorpios love to knock the ground out from under your feet, guaranteeing their advantage from the very first second.


Cancers can lose control because of their emotions and become incredibly obsessive. If Cancers feel threatened or, as they think, lose something of value, they strike. In such a situation, they instantly become cruel, instinctively understanding at what point their victim will receive the most perceptible damage.

Cancers, apparently, are not at all afraid of the possible consequences of their actions and act without even thinking about the damage they can bring. Feelings of guilt and remorse, as a rule, pursue them much later than perfect cruelty.


Capricorns often resort to their dark side, at such moments forgetting about all their rules and behavior patterns. They can easily resort to cruelty if she allows them to move up the career ladder or get vengeance.

One gets the feeling that they rejoice at the failures of other people, and with a special sense of exultation, they recall stories of vengeance to those who in the past crossed their path or caused them pain. With absolutely absent feelings of compassion and enjoying other people's failures, this level of gloating is regarded as one of the most cruel.


Aries are often cruel in their words. They are angry and upset about something, after which they bring their rage at others with lightning speed. In addition, their competitive nature makes them completely unbearable.

Any rivalry instantly turns Aries into vindictive and vile. As soon as they prove their point of view and cool down a little, they again turn into cheerful and charming interlocutors, only those around them who have experienced the full force of their cruelty will not soon recover from such an incident.

a lion

Lions are so popular and charismatic that it is simply impossible not to love them. But no matter how dazzling the Lions are, if they feel threatened by you, they will instantly concentrate all their attention on you and do everything to tear you to shreds.

Lions are able to bring their abuser to a heart attack with just one word. They will happily use forbidden tricks and will not stop for a second in their quest to destroy. Never cross the road to Leo - you will be more whole.