What is the trick: how to choose wives for men under 30 and over 40

It so happened that my two closest friends were not married. Ruslan is 27 years old, and Victor is well over 40. This is a decent age difference, and that’s why I’m interested in both of them when meeting me - the views on the life of the young and mature generation are too different.

During our last meeting, the conversation touched the notorious theme of marriage. As it turned out, both of my buddies are not averse to tying the knot and finding the one and only. But a woman who would meet their expectations, as it turned out, is difficult to find. Delving into this topic, I decided to find out what are the requirements for the ladies of the heart of both of my friends and, to put it mildly, was surprised.

Preferences of the young Ruslan

The first began Ruslan. His darling, above all, should be beautiful in appearance. Such that it was pleasant to look at it at any time of the day or night - long-legged, slim, with long hair, breasts at least 2 sizes and in a sexy short robe.

Also, Ruslan needs his future wife to be raised, from a good family and with a higher education. Modesty, politeness and the absence of bad habits are also welcome. The availability of money does not matter, if Ruslan falls in love with her wholeheartedly, she will provide it entirely.

Wishes of more adult Victor

Then Victor entered the conversation. As for him, the spouse must be, above all, simple and “in his board”. The one that will be instead of the best friend and loyal friend, with whom you can discuss everything from the economic crisis to the carburetor device. It would be nice if she independently provided herself and did not hang around her neck.

It will be just fine if the lady of the heart will not be disturbed by obscene jokes, strong wit and beer on Saturdays. For Victor, it is also important that his wife cook well and keep the house in order. And the external data values ​​have practically no. Elastic breasts, slender legs and 50 kg of weight do not bring any practical benefit, on the contrary, this is another reason for jealousy and feelings - other men will stare at your beloved one.

According to Victor, a woman should be with wide hips and in general “in the body”. Such, in his opinion, are more adapted for the birth of healthy offspring and the rearing of children.

These are strikingly different requirements for future wives from two generations of men.