6 tricks of women whose hair is always perfect

There is no way to spend a lot of time on hair styling? We have collected for you seven fashionable hairstyles that will take you no more than 10 minutes. These hairstyles are suitable for both short and long hair. So take note.

Light waves

Such waves can be created with the help of a flat ironing - starting approximately from the middle of the hair, turn the iron alternately inward and outward, leave the ends of the hair straight. Decorate your hair with hair accessories - the best for this hairstyle will be fashionable this season hair clips with pearls.


Braid braids along the head from both sides, gathering them at the end in a low beam. To make the braids more voluminous, stretch their loops to the sides. Finally, pull out some thin front strands to create a sloppy look. This hairstyle is great for disguising messy hair, but of course you can also do it on clean hair for an important event. Braids will be perfectly supplemented with accessories in the form of ribbons and flowers.

Fashion curls

This hairstyle takes a little more time than the others, but the result is worth it. To create dramatic curls, twist the strands with forceps, leaving the ends of the hair straight. At the end, spray on the textureating hair spray and hair spray medium fixation. Voila!

Low bundle embellished with accessory

When you have no time at all, and your hair does not want to obey, boldly make a classic low beam, firing a pair of thin strands on your face for a more fashionable, relaxed look. To make the hairstyle look boring, fasten a fashionable hairpin on the beam.

Spectacular waves

Unlike light waves, these waves are a bit more expressive. Focus on the strands framing the face - with a curling, place them in a broken wave from the face. Then spray on the hair with a texturizing spray, and on the tips of the curls, apply a little lipstick to the hair to get more highlighted strands.


This is the easiest and win-win hairstyle. Not to mention that trendy. You only need to choose a bandage suitable to your outfit.