Magic effect: 5 wardrobe items that make you look younger

The most magical effect of rejuvenation gives us colors: light shades are able to brighten the face, remove wrinkles. Cream, caramel, pale blue, lemon ... Do not forget about the importance of warm and cold shades. Leading stylists have a rule: "The older, the brighter." If, after all, the soul asks for the dark, then do not forget about the beautiful shades of emerald, wine, dark blue with a shade of purple.

White trend

“If you ask me what I would like to invent in fashion, I will answer:“ White shirt. For me, a shirt is the basis of everything. ” - Giorgio Armani's famous quote. White shirt or blouse is an absolute trend, appropriate in all situations. Refreshes, distracts attention from age-related changes on the skin. Agree, it looks insanely feminine.
Mango blouse, oodji pants,

Cult Cloak

The classic beige cloak for many years a symbol of elegance and good tone. Such ceilings are worn by world celebrities, and the cloak has become iconic, thanks to the cinema. For example, in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" in the final scene, the main characters kiss in the rain in raincoats. Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot - and now, many years later, loyal fans of trench. Be sure to use luxurious accessories: silk scarves, leather gloves, sunglasses and minimalist jewelry.
Marks & Spencer Cloak,. Marks & Spencer Cloak,.

Exquisite Romance

How wonderful that floral print this year is again at the peak of popularity. If you doubt the pattern, there is a simple test: imagine this print on your favorite actress or singer. For example, 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston in this romantic dress. Amazing, huh? Therefore, this pattern will decorate and rejuvenate for 10 years exactly.
Pennyblack dress, Pennyblack dress,

Irreplaceable jacket

Jacket - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe. Under it we put on our favorite blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, which refresh the complexion and emphasize the color of the eyes. For a more relaxed day, we select a single-color, good quality, T-shirt. And in the evening with a dress we throw over our shoulders, emphasizing our fragility and refinement.
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