It can not be better: 5 symptoms that only happy couples have

Starting a new relationship, many often compare their situation with others. And in this comparison, everyone is looking for confirmation that his relationship is healthy and harmonious. And the answers are sought outside of their own relationships. Although the truth is that only partners can know what relationship they are in, and some signs will help to understand this.

The main thing is not to get involved in analyzing relationships, and if you are satisfied with your union, then just enjoy these moments. Otherwise, constantly watching others, one may not notice his happiness very close, very personal, intimate. On top of that, it doesn't like to be seen on Instagram. Although, of course, if this is some pleasant moment or gratitude, why not?

Family psychologist Harry Brown identifies 5 signs that define a happy relationship.

You completely trust each other

One of the most pleasant feelings in the relationship between two close people is that you can completely trust your partner in any situation. You can share any thoughts and ideas, personal problems. And the partner will also be honest and sincere with you. And full confidence that you can be calm about what your lover does when not near.

You both count the minutes before your meeting.

According to Dr. Brown, your relationship develops in the right direction, if "you are looking forward to the opportunity to wake up next to your partner, you can not wait for the evening to meet him." This may seem obvious, but your partner will quickly get bored if you just do not love him or if something in your relationship is stopping you.

You give each other laughter

According to a study of eHarmony about the relationship of love and humor, people who can wittyly joke people usually get lucky in love more often. A sense of humor is undoubtedly very attractive in itself. So if you and your partner love the same jokes, exchange them all day long in messengers, your relationship is filled with happiness (and laughter as well).

You are grateful to each other for being with each other

Dr. Brown notes: "I always want to thank my wife at least once a day for what she did for me or our family." If your partner knows that you value him, this is a sign that you are happy in your relationship and feel comfortable, and that you understand how lucky you are to live in such a relationship.

You are planning a joint future

Strong couples will plan their future together, taking into account the life paths of each of the partners, goals and wishes. Moreover, even if your goals do not coincide, it may mean that your relationship is serious and yet they have a future.

After analyzing some aspects of your relationship with a partner, you can make sure that your relationship is filled with happiness. But just to conclude this is not enough. Both must recognize this and it is important to appreciate it. Take a few minutes a day to think about what you like best about your relationship, and ask your partner to do the same. Doing this every day, in addition, and thanking the partner for all the best that he presented to you, you only strengthen your relationship and make them even happier, and life - more comfortable.