Highlights of a female appearance that make a man always be close

Men love beautiful women - it is an indisputable fact. But, everyone has his own concept of beauty, and the fact that there are women's bait, on which men fly like honey, no one dares to challenge. Moreover, such a woman a man just never throw, so take it into service!

1. Bending of the loin

It is believed that it is not the back of the body that attracts and stirs the consciousness of men, but a bend in the lumbar region. With such a position of the back, the chest is raised effectively, the belly is drawn in and the fifth point becomes more seductive.

2. Thin wrists

According to men, thin wrists are an unusually sexy part of a woman’s body. Moreover, a large number of receptors are concentrated on their inner side, which are responsible for sensitivity. That is why kisses to this place are so pleasant and especially tender.

3. Big eyes

Men look women in the eye secondarily after you know what. However, the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and it is by them that one can understand the inner state of a person. Men find big eyes extraordinarily attractive and put this trait of appearance in the highest ranks.

4. Stand out clavicle

Subclavian bone, which clearly stands out under the skin, also stirs the minds of many men. Firstly, it gives a woman fragility and tenderness, and secondly, it gives her some weightless ease.

5. Posture

A woman with good posture looks, above all, beautiful and harmonious. In addition, it is the straight back and spread shoulders give the image an expression of pride, self-confidence and self-sufficiency. And such women, as you know, always attract men.

6. Long hair

Like it or not, but long, well-groomed hair gives femininity and makes its owner extremely attractive. And how many men's fantasies associated with a fetish for long hair, in which one wants to run his hands ...

7. Plump lips

In our time, plump lips have become a kind of hypertrophied trend, when everyone around them is trying in every possible way to increase this part of the body. But we are talking about natural plumpness, when the lips are naturally seductive and slightly inflated. Men from this just thrilled.

8. Smooth teeth

Beautiful healthy teeth - the key to a perfect smile. No wonder many give fabulous money in order to become its owner. And it's worth it, because, as it turned out, many men literally at the first meeting pay attention to the condition of the woman's teeth. Yes, and you will agree, it is much more pleasant to smile when your mouth is all right.