5 things that destroy trust in a relationship


It is difficult for a modern woman to trust her man, especially if the history of relations between partners has already been replenished with events that have damaged trust between them. The lack of trust in the relationship is likely to lead to separation if both partners are not ready to fight. To do this, you have to figure out what trust is in a relationship and how to restore it. On the way of two people, there will often be difficulties that either strengthen their relationships or destroy them. It already depends on the desire of both partners to preserve the “built” and to fight to the end.

What destroys trust in a relationship

Trust in another person is formed in the first stages of a relationship, when people gradually recognize each other. If a man has violated his confidence in himself, then this will undoubtedly affect the couple’s future relations. A woman will begin to baselessly suspect her partner of non-existent betrayal, which the man simply will not stand. There are several reasons for the loss of confidence in a man.


One case will be enough for a woman to completely stop trusting her young man. Even if a man repented of "deed", a woman still does not cease to suspect him of new treason. In this case, it is important to give a second chance to a partner, if you really value this relationship.


The basis of trust between partners is honesty. Even a single lie can destroy trust in a relationship, which will also lead to constant suspicion, even if a man is really telling the truth this time.

Unsuccessful experience

Perhaps the previous relationship ended because of a lack of trust against the background of betrayal or serious deception, and you are afraid that the situation will recur. It is worth remembering that any relationship is a risk, no matter what kind of person next to you. Without trust, it is impossible to build relationships, so a new person in your life will still have to open up.

Low self-esteem

If a woman cannot believe that she is worthy of love and care from another person, then she will always suspect her partner of dishonesty towards herself. A man is unlikely to be comfortable with a woman who does not believe in the sincerity of his intentions.

How to restore trust in a relationship

First of all, try to understand the reason for the loss of confidence in your partner. Perhaps the reason lies precisely in your attitude towards the man. First you have to seriously talk about the situation and try to find ways to resolve it.

Try to keep yourself within the limits. It is not always necessary to express everything that you are thinking about at the moment. Give your man some space to make him feel comfortable next to you. If you constantly suspect him of non-existent sins, then this is unlikely to help create a comfortable relationship.

What to do if there is no trust in the relationship

Constant suspicions poison the lives of both partners, destroying the remnants of trust in each other. Why further aggravate the situation? If you do not want to lose your loved one, you will have to constantly work on relationships:

  • talk openly about your feelings: learn to calmly discuss problems, not making hysterics, and not blaming your partner for non-existent sins. Always discuss even the most minor problems so that your partner learns to understand you;
  • Do not interrogate a partner about his past: the main thing you already know, it means that the rest is not so important. Constantly interrogating a man, you force him to defend and lie. If you want to know your partner better, then unobtrusively ask him about what he will really be interested in telling you;
  • do not try to change partner: remember that man does not change. Therefore, the more you try to put pressure on your man, the more he will resist, and therefore less trust you. A person should feel calm next to his partner, otherwise nothing will come of it.

How to restore trust in a relationship after cheating or treason

If the reason for the loss of confidence in the man was his betrayal, then this does not mean that the relationship can not be saved. It all depends on the desire of both partners to fight for what they have been building for so long. But for this you have to seriously talk about what happened and why it happened.

The first step on the road to restoring relationships will be a frank conversation with your loved one. Try to "make out" the situation, to identify the mistakes of everyone, because only one person is not always guilty of treason. Give your partner a chance to speak out and do the same.

Tell each other how you see your relationship in the future and what you expect from them. If your desires are the same, then the chances of success only increase. Try to forgive your loved one, no matter how difficult it may seem. This is the only way to forget the situation that caused the loss of trust between you.

How to learn to trust a husband, if he changed

In treason, both partners are most often to blame. Perhaps you did not hear your loved one in time, as a result of which he found solace on the side. Try to find out exactly what caused his betrayal, then analyze your relationship. Analyze your mistakes so that this situation does not happen again in the future.

The process of restoring trust will take more than one day, and maybe even more than one year, so do not despair ahead of time. We'll have to learn not only to re-trust each other, but also to hear your partner. Do not dwell only on yourself, but try to take into account the wishes of your companion more. Trust will come with time when you learn to understand each other, and believe me, this will only strengthen your relationship.