6 "never": things that can not be bought in the mass market

Buying things in mass market stores is not bad at all. On the contrary, you can buy good clothes and accessories, at very attractive prices. However, this privilege may not always be in your favor, and some upgrades are still worth giving up.


Products in stores that do not specialize in this, very rarely turn out to be of high quality and successful. First, it is almost impossible to find something made of genuine leather or suede in a mass market, and the quality of artificial leather leaves much to be desired. In addition, there is no reason to talk about comfort in the case of such shoes.

Products from genuine leather and fur

In the mass market, they will be more expensive. That fur coat or jacket, for which in the fur salon you pay a relatively reasonable amount, in the mass market will cost you several times more expensive. While you will have to forget about the exclusive and unusual design. Are you ready to see the thing you paid for is not so little on each counter girl?


Even if you like the design of jewelry, the quality will be controversial. Instead of buying cheap rings or earrings in the mass market, rely on expensive jewelry and jewelry of more democratic brands. They not only look more original and interesting, but also will serve you much longer.


To buy glasses, even sunglasses, you need with great attention. It is worth paying attention to the frame and the material of the glass. The wrong frame will make the accessory very uncomfortable, and low-quality glass, even worse, can seriously impose your eyesight, from which you will have to wear glasses with diopters.

Replicas of famous brands

In such stores you can often find parodies of the products of famous designers who, it would seem, are somewhat similar to the original, but still not the same. Most of those who really understand such things (and there are more of them than you think) will not be misled and will consider this a sign of bad taste.


Perfume purchased in the mass market for an inexpensive price, firstly, will differ in a very superficial and completely unstable train, and secondly, the fragrance itself will leave much to be desired. Moreover, it is simply not safe. Low quality perfume can cause allergies.