The most common causes of divorce: 5 things that spouses can not forgive each other


Divorce can be for someone a real ending in a happy life. And although the world will not collapse from this, it will be very, very difficult to restore the spent nerves. What are the most frequent causes of divorces, and what to do to avoid them?

The most common causes of divorce

What are the reasons why people are statistically divorced most often?

Husband changed / wife changed

Treason - the most painful of all betrayals, which is almost never forgiven. Among the reasons for divorce according to statistics, it is not even the first place, but one of the most frequent.

Different worldview

When spouses look at the world in completely different ways, it is very difficult to build harmonious relationships. If, some time after the wedding, the husband and wife realize that they don’t agree on the main point, they will hardly last long together.

Character incompatibility

It is not always immediately possible to understand that people do not fit each other. As a rule, in the process of living together, it turns out that the husband cannot endure his wife’s categorical craving for cleanliness, and the wife can accept the fact that the husband leaves for an hour and returns in the morning because he accidentally met a friend and forgot that his wife was waiting for him.

Problems with relatives

Sometimes outsiders get involved, and things are not going according to plan. Thus, relatives of a wife or husband have already destroyed quite a few families. In second place are friends, who also often really want to take part.

Other difficulties

The birth of a child, depression of a husband or wife, financial problems and lack of work, as well as alcohol or any other addiction can also affect the decision to divorce

How childbirth affects divorce

It is interesting that many couples divorce precisely after this joyful event, which, in an amicable way, should bring them together. However, over time, it turns out a lot of unpleasant features. The wife begins to tire, and in general, the expectation of motherhood is often rather high. The husband tries to save himself from the hassles associated with the child, or delves into the process of making money. Relations in a couple gradually deteriorate, and it becomes much more difficult to interact.

To avoid this, it is worth considering a number of factors:

  • Get a baby when ready for it.
  • Distribute duties.
  • Remember that a child is a blessing, not a burden. If you care about him correctly, you will be only in joy.

Can people get divorced after 10 years of marriage

Unfortunately, people can get divorced, even living together for a very long time. However, from the point of view of psychologists, this decision can be called rather correct. On the one hand, the desire not to be left alone in old age may have a reason, however, staying with a person you are hard to live with, just because you have been together for a long time, you simply deprive yourself of any chance that you will find your love and with whom you will be really comfortable.

This is especially true of women who remain with tyrant men, or alcohol addicts, out of pity. It is worth thinking about yourself.