As he secretly confesses his love to you according to his zodiac sign

Aries. "What are you doing? It's cold outside! Here, put on my jacket! ”

Taurus. After just two hours ... "I missed you so much!"

Twins. “I don't want you to get hurt.”

Crayfish. Looks perfect tired ... "No! I'm not tired at all. Of course we can talk! ”

A lion. "Can you keep secrets?"

Virgo. "Please take care of yourself."

Libra. “No, it's okay. I do not mind."

Scorpio. "I love you."

Sagittarius. “Just don't do anything rash.”

Capricorn. “And why do I so often associate myself with you?”

Aquarius. “Do you think aliens exist?”

Fish. "Please be careful. Just don't get hurt! ”