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Who is more expensive for a man: wife or lover

My old friend Andrew is a good man, but as a man - far from being the most noble. Andrei has been married for a long time and has two adorable children. His wife Katya is a beautiful woman, prudent, wise, and completely giving herself to home and family.

In spite of the luggage that exists behind him, for the past 5 years, Andrew has been meeting his mistress. He needs Dasha for relaxation, rest from everyday life and everyday life, new impressions and a hot peppercorn. By the way, all 5 years old Andrew is faithful to Dasha, if you can call it that, and he had no other mistresses except her. Of course, Katya knows nothing about it (or pretends), but at least everyone seems happy and contented with life.

During the last meeting, Andrey and I started talking about who is more expensive for his wallet - his wife or mistress. After all, whatever one may say, both women demand financial investments. So, through long arguments, arguments, arguments and refutations, my friend came to the following conclusions.

The first, of course, was Kate's wife. What do we have? Monthly mortgage payment, a lot of secondary payments such as utilities, expenses for children (there is just a huge amount of payment for kindergarten, school, extra mugs, tutors, clothes, shoes, toys, entertainment, etc.). We go further, leave for four at least once a year, shopping for a wife, gifts for the holidays, expenses for clinics and hospitals, family leisure and, most importantly, do not forget about food. Because it is she who takes almost 50% of the total budget.

Now smoothly go to Dasha's mistress. Meetings with her are held on a neutral territory, like a rented apartment or a hotel room, for which Andrei pays. Further, gifts for major holidays and periodic bouquets of flowers just like that. From time to time dinners in restaurants or trips to places of entertainment. In addition, several times Andrei helped Dasha with large sums for large purchases and vacation at sea. That's all.

As you can see, the lover for a man is much cheaper than his wife. But everyone makes his own choice and decides whether to be a “noble” cheater or an honest loving husband.