7 non-obvious qualities of an excellent mistress, which all men dream of

It is customary to think that the ideal lover is one that radiates sex with all its appearance and literally pulls a man into bed by the hand. In fact, to be a hot lady is to have hidden erotic traits that not everyone will notice, but if he appreciates, he will definitely never miss.

1. Cunning

Cunning is the second flair of a woman, which gives her visible superiority over a man. It is by cunning that we can circle around our fingers, stupefy, cloud our head and be the best for him.

2. Agility

A woman who has everything argues, turns out and literally does herself in her hands, always attracts male attention. Such a person, as a rule, turns out to be just as agile and in bed and knows perfectly well what needs to be done for complete relaxation and pleasure.

3. Coquetry

It is certainly impossible not to stare at a woman who radiates attractiveness, coquetry and almost professionally knows the art of flirting. Such a lady just can not be a log in bed, and clearly will be a hot peppercorn.

4. Sense of humor

With a woman who does not distort from obscene jokes, who is not averse to playing somebody and defiantly laughing at comedies, it certainly won't be boring, including in bed. Such persons, as a rule, are ready for experiments and are not afraid to try new things.

5. Self-confidence

Confidence goes in one leg with liberation. And what does it mean to be liberated? That's right - do not be afraid to show your true feelings and emotions in sex, completely surrender to the process, dive into the pool with your head.

6. Desire to learn new things.

If you are not standing in one place, trying to keep up with the times, constantly evolving and learning, then you are open to experiments in all areas of life, including intimate ones. It has long been observed that girls with a high coefficient of intellectual development and a well-developed outlook are unusually good in bed.

7. Empathy

Women with a high level of empathy are able to think not only about themselves, but also about the interests, desires and needs of other people. This means that in bed they will be unusually sensitive to their partner and will try to make both of them feel good.