7 things to buy on sale right now


At the sale, first of all, pay attention to the things that will be combined with your main wardrobe and which you can easily mix with each other. Analyze what things you wear most often, put aside what you have never worn in a year. Choose your favorite and coming colors.

Caramel coat

Now, thanks to the seasonal sale, more than 50 people buy this coat per day. Unsurprisingly, the coat is incredibly stylish and with a wonderful composition that includes wool.
Coat Mango,. Coat Mango,.

Basic gray jumper

Basic things do not happen much, and even at such a nice price. Universal model that allows you a huge number of combinations with a variety of things. Jumper once and for all solve the problem "There is nothing to wear."
Jumper Mango, 699 rub. Jumper Mango, 699 rub.

Irreplaceable dress

Dress - always ready outfit. No need to painfully select the "top" to "bottom" and think whether the colors are combined. The dress can be combined with a cardigan, jacket, jumper, and changing the shoes to reincarnate from the everyday version to the evening one.
Dress Mango, 999 rubles. Dress Mango, 999 rubles.

Stylish raincoat at affordable price

Spring is coming, we hope not only the calendar, but it is better to be ready for anything. This raincoat with water repellent textile is ideal for rainy and windy days. The raincoat is no longer just weather protection. Designers show us stylish, comfortable, incredibly light models. Walking through the forest in a drizzling rain, when the air is filled with freshness and aromas, by the way, a raincoat with a hood, so that your hair is under reliable protection.
Art Love raincoat, Art Love raincoat,.


Light, flowing sundress -70% discount. Summer is still far away, but the sundress can be worn now - with a voluminous jumper or cardigan, boots or ankle boots. The secret of summer dresses in winter is multi-layered, today this trend is at its peak of popularity. By the way, a great option to wear a basic turtleneck for summer outfit.
Mango sundress, Mango sundress,

Comfort every day

We need boots for several seasons, so the sale is the best time to replenish stocks with comfortable and practical shoes. Universal color, comfortable heel and current model - when everything is the same, you should not hesitate for a long time.
Diamantique boots, Diamantique boots,

Chic suede

A compact handbag made of natural suede, with a remarkable 50% discount - pure inspiration. This handbag fits perfectly into any wardrobe: with a favorite coat and white jeans.
Mango Bag, Mango Bag,