6 signs that a man no longer loves you, even though he lives with you


Some relationships that start off perfectly can turn into a catastrophe. And no matter what they teach you and what they tell you, fabulous endings in relationships are rare.

Do not misunderstand me. You can have a wonderful relationship with someone who shares warmth and euphoria with you. But love is much more complicated than these feelings. That is why when you try to understand whether you should stay in such a relationship, you are tormented in search of an answer.

Here are some clear signs that you should break up with a man who means a lot to you and move on.

1. You constantly argue.

If you have a long-term relationship, emotionally losing your temper is very easy when you feel that a man does not understand you. Every couple is arguing. This is considered normal in a relationship. If done correctly, it can help couples move forward and openly share their position on issues of interest that need to be resolved.

However, there is often a moment in a relationship when you simply cannot agree on something. This happens to many of the couples. But it also happens when your relationship can either temporarily deteriorate, or improve, or quickly deteriorate without continuing.

Let's take a step back to see why disputes arise in a relationship. When you argue, you sincerely try to make your man understand your point of view and argument. Although arguments or disagreements are inappropriate, they can help relationships. However, due to the different styles of communication, experience of relationships and building conversations, the arguments look ugly if you do not know how to give them.

Arguments can be useful for relationships. But this is only if you follow the basic rules. When your arguments fall into the category below, your relationship may go in the wrong direction.

Arguments are not used as a way to insult each other or as an excuse for physical or emotional abuse. When you argue, you should not be disrespectful of the character traits of another person or speak out about them so that it violates and harms them. In this case, you just dig a hole for yourself.

Having healthy arguments is normal and reasonable, but you should not make another person feel worse from them. And if this was the reason that something was wrong in the relationship, perhaps it was time to take a break.

2. You invest in relationships to the maximum

If your relationship has reached the point where only you support them and try to maintain them, it’s time for a break. Relationships cannot exist when only one partner does all the work. It's impossible.

You not only exhaust yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, but also the other person knows that he may not work on himself in a relationship, and you will still be there. If this happens to you, realize that your relationship is getting worse and worse.

When your man stops making an effort in a relationship, this is a clear sign of the following:

  • he does not respect you;
  • he does not care about you to figure out how to fix what is broken between you;
  • he is selfish towards you;
  • he doesn't love you unconditionally.

Working on relationships on both sides is the only way to build them and move forward. One person can not bear the entire load.

3. Your partner has serious problems.

Here are some concrete examples: he cannot hold on to his work. He is terrible in financial affairs. He is addicted to drugs, alcohol or has problems with gambling. You are trying to restrain his addiction, and sometimes this can give a good result. But then he still returns to his bad and destructive habits.

The advice in this situation is the following: you cannot help someone defeat your own demons. He must do it himself. If he takes these steps on his own, give him time to prove that he has changed. And then try to figure out if he can always stay that way.

Your partner must himself want to change. Otherwise, your efforts are in vain.

4. He does not make future plans with you.

If someone cares about you and loves you, you will notice this: he will give priority to you and the main place in his life. He will tell you who he sees himself next to you, and this will allow you to understand what your future plans are.

You do not need to think about it with someone who cares about you, because the evidence will not only be what the man says, but what he does for you. Figuring out how he treats you will be beneficial.

I’m not saying that you will know all your plans for the future at once, but if you and your partner have been a year or more, and he doesn’t have confidence about joint prospects, this is not the right option for you. Love yourself and know that you deserve the best.

5. He pushes you away from others, people who are important to you.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is normal to spend a lot of time with your chosen one. But when you feel more confident with him and get to know each other better, you should pay a lot of attention to other people who are also important to you.

If a man in a relationship is so not sure of himself that he is trying to push your loved ones away from you, this is a huge red flag. These are the first signs of control on his part. If this happens in your relationship, be aware that this is not normal. In a healthy relationship, another person understands that besides him, you have family and friends.

6. You feel worse when you are with him.

In any new relationship there is a feeling of happiness due to the fact that in your life there is a person who cares about you. Love just makes you feel so magical. It intoxicates the heart.

But if, as your relationship develops, you increasingly have negative feelings when you are close to him, it is likely that you are not with someone who really suits you. If this happens more often, there are probably several logical reasons why.

These feelings can be difficult to understand if the other person is pleasant and seems like the right person to you. But your heart knows when something goes wrong. And your intuition will always be your best guide. If you constantly feel uncomfortable with someone, it's time to let go.

There are so many people who suffer in a relationship, knowing that it is wrong for them for many different reasons. However, they justify it. For example, if a man takes care of a woman financially. You have financial security, but if this is the only or the strongest component of your relationship, and you are deprived of other things, such as kindness, attention, emotional support and unconditional love, you miss other aspects of love that also matter.

Finishing relationships in which you love someone may be one of the most difficult things. You may have real fear of loneliness, fear of not finding someone who can love you.

But it is important to remember that you should not settle for a relationship with someone who does not fit you. As soon as you get away from someone who is not meant for you, your life will acquire bright colors. You leave room for another to whom it is destined and who deserves it. And it's worth it!