5 mistakes during the repair of the kitchen, which will cost you dearly

If you decide to take on such a large project on home improvement, as a kitchen renovation that takes up a lot of your time and money (!), You definitely don’t want to do something to waste your money on.

To help you identify the greatest and most useless losses during kitchen repairs, we consulted several kitchen design experts and asked them to highlight some of the most common mistakes we make when repairing the kitchen.

Blind adherence to trends

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house. In the meantime, if you follow the trends and buy a bright red stove or a copper tap, you will most likely be tired of them in a couple of years. If you choose a classic, timeless design, such as polished chrome plating, the kitchen will most likely last you longer than five to seven years. If you like trendy colors or metals, consider using them on small lamps or painting walls in these colors. "

Choosing the wrong material for the kitchen work surface

Many people neglect their lifestyle during the design of the kitchen. And in vain. If you are a lover of culinary experiments or you have small children, you should probably use durable material for kitchen surfaces, such as stone quartz. If you want something more sublime and focused on design, perhaps Calcutta or Carrara marble. Materials for worktops and other kitchen surfaces vary greatly in price, so it is better to think in advance about the long term.

Saving on installation of cases

One of the biggest financial mistakes during the improvement of the kitchen is the savings on the installation of cabinets. An unsuccessful installation can make even the best cupboard look awful and turn a dream project into a nightmare. a quality installation, on the other hand, can make IKEA furniture look like a million dollar kitchen.

Tile savings

The design of the wall behind the stove and sink is what first of all catches the eye. So it is best to choose high-quality tiles for its decoration, which will look expensive and designer. Since the wall area is usually not very large, you will not spend much money by buying more expensive tiles, but the result will be amazing.

Neglect of storage space for dishes

The biggest mistake in the design of the kitchen is to provide not enough space for storing dishes and other kitchen equipment. When there is not enough space for all this, this is a real disaster.