4 details that will make any woman a style icon

Fashion is capricious and changeable. Blindly follow all the new trends can not all. But sometimes, just a few accents are enough, and even the most casual look will sparkle with new colors. Here are some details that can beautify your image:

Decor, embroidery, ornament

Trend, stubbornly holding the position for several years. New season is no exception. And although opponents of this trend have always been enough, it is difficult to argue that this detail is capable of diversifying and decorating any image. It does not matter what you focus on - outerwear, headgear, sweater, jeans or bag. Decorated with rhinestones, sequins, ethnic patterns or embroidery elements of clothing can make your image stylish and unique. The main thing is not to get involved. The decor should prevail on one or two elements. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite effect, resembling a Christmas tree.

Leather gloves

One of the most exquisite trends of this season. Favorites are models of medium length, loose on the arm. Such gloves will be perfectly combined with jackets and coats with wide or episcopal sleeves, voluminous from elbow to cuff. Do not forget the popular three-quarter sleeve, which allows plenty to show off with a stylish accessory. The color palette is able to please even the most extravagant fashionistas. In addition to the classic black, brown, maroon, red, emerald, scarlet shades, and even the original snake print are popular.

Waist accent

The desire to emphasize one of the most feminine parts of the body - the waist is still a fashion trend. To achieve this, designers offer using belts. In the new season, the leather belt reaches record values ​​in width, stubbornly approaching the corset. A massive accessory with a large buckle can complement the dress to the floor, or a strict trouser suit. The trend also has thin leather straps tied in two knots. This decision will add a slight negligence and romance to the image in combination with a loose sweater, elegant dress, or pants. In this sense, outerwear is also not far behind - coats, down jackets and even fur coats, decorated with belts of different widths and textures, will not only emphasize the merits of your figure, but also add style and sophistication to the image.

Shoe lacing

The main priority of winter shoes of the new season is warmth and comfort. However, you should not miss the opportunity to improve your image, adding emphasis on shoes. One of the main trends of this winter is lace-up boots. Rough, on a tractor sole, or high, suede, on a heel - the choice is yours. In any case, the lacing, in addition to the practical function, will also perform decorative. High lace-up boots in combination with a long woolen dress or a fur coat of medium length is a great option for winter fashionistas. No less popular will be shoes and ankle boots with laces. Materials - your choice. Basically, it is still leather and suede. As for the color palette, the universal dark colors this season are diluted with red, white and even neon variants.