5 reasons why a man loses interest, even if he loves very much

You probably had to experience that heavy feeling when your man pulled away from you. Suspended suddenly and for no apparent reason. If you are again in a similar situation, do not fall into a stupor.

There are five main reasons why men are separated from their chosen one, even in healthy relationships.

He feels pressure from you

Perhaps you have reached such a stage in a relationship, when it is worth considering whether to move forward together or take a pause. This feeling of inevitability is confusing, even if he thinks that you are an ideal woman. And he can feel your “inner” pressure on himself, even if this question was still raised in your relationship. If at your leisure you mentioned the seriousness of the obligations, this could have prompted him to withdraw: he may have his own concerns about this.

Before insisting on greater responsibility (small hints are quite reasonable), it is worth making sure that you yourself invest in this relationship sufficiently. The man is oppressed by the feeling that the wedding and the children are more important to you than he himself. Men are simply turned on the idea that girls think only of marriage. Therefore, it is more useful to refrain from intrusiveness in this matter.

If you feel that you are trying to obtain responsibility from a person who is undecided whether you are unique and unique to him, you should take a step back, think about yourself and see how he behaves.

You are in the "stage of uncertainty"

The author of the best-selling book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and Dr. John Gray explains that the stage of uncertainty is something that all couples with long-term relationships experience, and this is of particular importance. According to Gray's theory, at this time your man probably feels insecure and wonders where these relationships lead. Before him is a dilemma, step on a new level of relationships or save your freedom.

The best option to go through this stage with your man is to stay at arm's length and freely exchange opinions. You should not only allow, but also encourage him for his desire to preserve freedom. He needs to feel that being with you is tremendous luck, not a conclusion.

He is really busy

Do you think he actually leaves you or the whole problem is that he just hasn’t responded to your message for half an hour? It is necessary to think soberly and allow him to have a personal space.

If you feel that you have become annoying, go about your business, find a hobby. In this case, you do not have to take away his extra time. You may think that he wants to leave you, and he is just very busy.

He does not feel support from you

Simply put, a man will not be with the woman who does not appreciate him. Men fall in love and marry girls who are delighted with them.

If a man started a family with one, but then after some time there will be less admiration and support from her side, he will lead the novel on the side. That's life. You do like being appreciated, don't you? That's him too.

Try to be his fan all the time, at any moment, and he will cherish you. It is natural - to people who help us feel good.

According to the study, "the difference between happy and unhappy couples is in the balance between positive and negative interactions in solving problems." There is some definite relationship for love for life. This is a magic ratio of 5 to 1. This means that in a happy marriage for each negative move in the process of conflict, there must be five (or more) positive ones. The best way to maintain perfect relationships is to balance at least five positive things with one negative.

He met another

Unfortunately, people tend to deceive and start intrigues. It happens that a man begins to go beyond the limits of his relationship in order to once again become someone's subject of admiration. He does so also because of the lack of a sense of self-importance.

If it happened that he met another - all is not lost. You may need to follow your own actions more, but it all depends on your specific situation. It happens that after the departure of her husband's wife begins to pursue him literally, which exactly destroys the chance to fix everything. If they put pressure on him, he will always resist.

Allowing a man to have as much freedom as he wants is the right decision, because it will prevent him from thinking about breaking off relationships. If he gives up his relationship with you, do not follow him, begging to return. If you constantly remind him of obligations to you, you will get the opposite effect and you will be left without him.