What woman are you according to your lipstick: 7 shades

Lipstick - one of the most important means of makeup. But what if lipstick is something more, and its shade can tell a lot about the person and character of a person?

Whether bright red, pale pink or dark brown - each shade of lipstick is able to somehow describe its owner. Whether a woman is passionate and fiery, or she is conservative and balanced, or maybe she is sociable and extroverted and likes to take on challenges — the woman’s personality is often manifested in the shade of lipstick she wears.

So, here's what different shades of lipstick can tell about a woman.

Hot pink

This color indicates that you have an extroverted and friendly character, your life is full of enthusiasm, and you are happy and curious about everyday life tasks, whether watching soap operas with friends or dressing up your baby's diapers. And your infectious smile makes people around you happy.


This shade is a sign that you are confident and sociable. You know what is happening around you, and you are in full control of the events. When someone needs advice on a trivial or serious matter, first of all they turn to you. You always say what you think - of course, this can lead to conflict with others, but this is who you are.


Red or brighter scarlet tell the world that you are passionate and ready to accept the challenge. You have a confidence that speaks for itself, and you are not afraid to be different. For women who do not believe in themselves, red helps to gain confidence.


This color is an indication that you are a force. You are the emotional support of your family, friends and the person to whom people turn in times of crisis. You love your family and loved ones and can go to great lengths to protect them.

Lip balm

The fact that you prefer a transparent balm to pigmented lipsticks says a lot about your personality. You do not have time for minor problems or gossip. You prefer to spend time on useful things and spend your day productively. You are active in social and public affairs and are well aware of everything that is happening in the world. And you are always ready to help those in need.

Lip gloss

You first begin to move to the beat of the music on the dance floor. You want to always be the center of attention and the star of the party, because you know everything you need to know about the latest fashion trends, the fastest cars or the latest music. All this means that you are open to the pleasures that life has to offer, and enjoy life to the limit.

Delicate pink

You are the one whose childhood remained untouched in you, but it has nothing to do with childishness. In fact, you understand life, you learned from your mistakes, and now you are very mature and confident. You are ready to entrust your life to a person in whom you truly believe and in which you have no doubt.