10 ways to return the ardent interest of a man, even if he left you


Being abandoned is just painful. In this state, many women want to make their ex feel bad. If you were ever thrown, you probably wondered what to do so that the man regretted that he broke up with you.

Want to make him regret that he left you? Use the following 10 methods and this will happen.

1. Hover marafet

If your ex sees you look like a million dollars after he left you, it will not let him rest. In the end, no man wants to admit that he left a girl who became a princess.

2. Keep composure

It's really hard to do, but it works. When the man who has thrown you notices that you are not “killed” after his departure, he will understand that it is he himself who is failing, and not you.

3. His friends are on your side

If you have always been kind and sweet with him, and if his friends knew you well, it would be better if his friends find out that he is leaving you. Most of them understand how hard it is to find a good girl. They may ask him why he left you. His friends can somehow influence him, so don’t be surprised if they ultimately make him want to bring you back.

4. Earn more than he does.

This is akin to the "Taylor Swift principle." The famous pop singer was surrounded by men who treated her badly. Now she is a multimillionaire and has everything her heart desires. If you think that her ex did not repent of leaving her, you are very mistaken.

5. Succeed at work

This usually (though not always) goes hand in hand with earning a lot of money. A successful woman is sexually attractive to a man, especially a former one. The truth is that it shows the winner is you.

6. Let your friends support you

This is an especially good way to "win" from the former. Popularity is one of those things that simply helps every little aspect of your life, including breaks in relationships. If your ex sees that many of their mutual friends are moving from them to your side, his choice to leave you will be even more painful for him with time.

7. Meet and meet new people.

When you break up, you are free. You can chat and meet new people. Most men really begin to regret their decision to quit when they see a girl dating a new fan. If they noticed, they realize that they missed their chance.

8. Your status is “offline”

Lack of contact is one of the right decisions for people who are experiencing a break and want to return their former ones. The status of “offline” will really make him love you again, and when he realizes what life is like without you, he will most likely begin to rethink his decisions.

9. Stop doing him a favor.

Stop rescuing the former even on trifles. Stop thinking that you can forget some of your desires, and instead help him with money. Do not agree to meet with him, because he was "very lonely." This gives him every reason to believe that he can meet with someone else, because you will not go anywhere and do everything for him.

10. Give time

Unfortunately, most men do not immediately regret the offense that they caused you. If you want them to feel remorse, give them time. It usually takes from one month to six months from the moment of separation, when the former begins to regret having abandoned you. The period when he experiences such feelings often coincides with the time when you come to your senses after parting.