10 things about each other that husbands and wives will never know

No matter how close the partners are, how many years of marriage and children would not bind them, everyone in the arsenal has a couple of secrets that they do not trust in their second half.

Our heroes shared their secrets, only so that all this remained hidden behind seven seals, of course.

1. “I have a profile under a false name on a dating site. I have been talking with other women there for quite some time, flirting or discussing some common interesting topics. My wife does not know about it, but I do not consider it a betrayal, because I have never met anyone in my life. ” Victor, 40 years old.

2. “I love to discuss my mother-in-law with my mother. Yes, we wash the bones for her, but I can't do this with my husband. But after such a release of steam, I do not feel at all any resentment and anger at her — the output of emotions. ” Angelina, 34 years old.

3. “When I'm alone at home, I love to look at myself in the mirror and choose the most advantageous position so that my relief muscles can be seen, which I shake in the gym. Sometimes I even photograph myself, but I immediately delete these photos. ” Eugene, 29 years old.

4. “I have a personal bank card that only I know about. I put there part of my salary every month and at the end of the year I have quite a decent amount, which I have every right to spend on my whims so that my husband does not know anything. ” Catherine, 38 years old.

5. “I hate my wife's best friend. She terribly annoys me with her vulgar appearance and behavior. Every time she comes to us, I slip out of the house under any pretext. My wife then takes offense at me, but I cannot confess to her that her beloved friend, with whom they are friends of the kindergarten, infuriates me to gnashing my teeth. ” Valery, 30 years old.

6. “I am terribly jealous of my husband's ex-wife. They have a common child, and they communicate after a divorce. When I see her, I painfully admit to myself that she is just a gorgeous beauty who has built a dizzying career, earns well and does not depend on anyone. I cannot say such a thing about myself. ” Alexandra, 35 years old.

7. “I don’t like my wife to get too well. She has become less attractive and does not turn me on like this. But I love her, I see how worried she is because of this and constantly asks me if she is not too full. I have to say that she is slender, although, in fact, I have not thought so for a long time. ” Edward, 44 years old.

8. “When I wake up in the morning, I first run to the bathroom and do light makeup and styling. I want my husband to think that I am always so naturally fresh and beautiful. So far everything is working out. ” Yana, 26 years old.

9. “When in our youth we met my future wife, I told her that she is the first girl with whom I have everything seriously. In fact, I already had the experience of a long and serious relationship, I just wanted to make my new darling a pleasure. We have been married for 15 years, and the wife still thinks that she is my first girlfriend, she also proudly tells others about it. ” Timur, 37 years old.

10. “I am madly in love with my husband’s best friend. He is very handsome and, besides, a very good person. When the husband does not see, we are jokingly making eyes at each other, but both know that this means absolutely nothing. But I still hide this fact from my husband. Just in case". Daria, 28 years old.