Compliments to a man: 5 secrets to help you get them right


Compliments to the man

In society, it is generally accepted that only men should make compliments, regardless of their desires. Excessive restraint prevents men from even hinting to their young lady that he, too, would like to hear a couple of compliments in his address. Such a pattern has evolved over the centuries, so it is not surprising that women find it so difficult to compliment a man.

Do men need to compliment

Psychologists have proven that ninety-nine men in a hundred at a subconscious level crave admiration from the beloved. So why not pamper your man with a couple of complimentary remarks about his appearance? No matter what you notice, aristocratic facial features or athletic physique, in any case, a man will be pleased to hear the opinion of his beloved woman.

But here the main thing is not to overdo it with compliments, otherwise the man will feel himself the king of the world, forgetting about his beloved. Therefore, before starting to praise your soulmate from all sides, it is necessary to study the basic rules of the art of fine flattery.

How to compliment a man in your own words

In an attempt to make the appropriate compliment to a man, many women make the same mistakes. You should not speak with hackneyed phrases - men always pay attention not only to intonation, but also to the contents of the compliment. Women take into account everything they hear in their address, sometimes even ignoring the subtext of the compliment.

This is due to the fact that women have long been accustomed to compliments, and take them for granted. Men rarely hear the words of approval from their companion, so she will have to learn the skill of compliments in her own words:

  • focus on unique traits of character or appearance;
  • use the name of the beloved in compliments;
  • say pleasant words every day, even for no reason;
  • make compliments only personally, avoid compliments in social networks.

How to say compliments beloved man

Women are accustomed every day to hear words of admiration in their address, and not only from their beloved. For a man, the opinion of his second half plays the most important role, therefore a compliment on her part will be the best gift. What does a man need to say so that he feels most desirable?

Tell him you appreciate him

Men like it when a woman focuses on a certain quality of his character, for example, intelligence, stability, reliability, dedication and courage. Also, do not forget that every man is eager to hear the opinion of his beloved woman about his physical strength.

Speak sincerely

Do not try to dissemble, attributing to a man non-existent qualities of character or features of appearance. In this case, sincerity plays a decisive role, so try to speak from the heart so that the man feels it, and believe me, this will be the best compliment for him.

Consider intonation and facial expressions

You can tell your boyfriend the most beautiful words in the world, but if this is done with an indifferent face, he is unlikely to appreciate such a “compliment”. Engage your feelings and emotions, try to convey to him your admiration for them on an emotional level.

Avoid words about flaws

Women are accustomed to focus on the shortcomings of men, not even knowing how much it strikes at his self-esteem. Therefore, when making a compliment, speak only about the good features of your partner, carefully avoiding painful topics.

Know the measure

It is better to say one apt phrase than a hundred useless words that are unlikely to be deposited in the memory of the beloved. Highlight the most important thing, thanks to which you fell in love with your companion. Believe me, such a special compliment will make your man smile and hold you tight.

The best compliments to a man

Sample phrases are unlikely to inspire a man with confidence in the sincerity of your words, so it is always better to speak in your own words. For example, you should familiarize yourself with a few indicative phrases from which your man will simply be delighted:

"You make me lose my sanity"

“Next to you, I am losing the sense of time.”

"I can not stop thinking about you"

“I love it when you look into my eyes.

The main thing here is to capture the essence of the message, so it is not necessary to repeat the phrases exactly. A man should feel the sincerity of your intentions, which will make him respond to you in return.

SMS compliments to a man

It is best to speak to a man about how you value him. But sometimes it happens that a lover has to be far away from each other, and there is no opportunity to whisper words of tenderness in your ear. In this case, the perfect way to compliment would be an SMS message. There are several win-win compliments that your man will remember for a long time.

  1. Every woman dreams of such a man as you.
  2. You like many, because you have so much strength, attractiveness and masculine charm.
  3. No man can compare with you.
  4. There are no men with the same sense of humor as you.
  5. How nice that I first noticed your charm and cheerfulness.

Let men seem so strong and impregnable, in their hearts they still crave attention, approval and admiration. Every woman should remember this and tell her man how she appreciates him. So, your lover will always know that he is the most desirable for you.