Pear and apple: workout at home on the type of figure, which will be particularly effective

The fact that there are several types of figures, which differ from each other in proportions, knows, probably, every woman. We use this knowledge, making up fashionable images and picking up clothes, but not everyone knows that it is necessary to choose and trainings according to the type of figure. This will make your work on the figure much easier, and the lessons more effective.

Apple shape type: how to lose weight

The figure of an apple most often needs correction. It is characterized by slender legs, narrow hips, sloping shoulders and not always clearly defined waist, which is the main problem area. Accordingly, doing workouts at home for weight loss, it is worth paying attention to the exercises aimed specifically at the abdomen and waist.

For such a figure, cardio loads are more indicated. You can run in the mornings, or you can sign up for a fitness class in a fitness club, and in both cases you will get a great effect. You can train at home: pay attention to the classic exercises, which provide for the load for the press, squats, bar. All these loads will help to quickly correct the figure, if you perform them regularly.

Type of figure pear: how to lose weight

The figure of a pear, on the contrary, is determined by the massive lower part, wide hips and waist, but with narrow shoulders and thin hands. To make such a harmonious figure, you should, firstly, pay enough attention to your hands, and secondly, avoid intense workouts on the lower body. So, you are perfect workout with dumbbells, which can be done right at home, push-ups from the floor or wall.

But from the treadmill just should refrain. In particular, you should give up on intense loads, for example, running up the stairs and other things that will make your legs even more massive. However, the standard aerobic load will be very much in the subject.

Body type rectangle: how to lose weight

The shape of the rectangle resembles a perfect hourglass, with the only difference that the waist in this case is implicitly expressed.

The most correct training for the figure of the rectangle: the emphasis on creating the perfect waist. This can be done using simple tilts with dumbbells, twisting in different directions. The main tool will be your hoop, which will help to ensure an excellent load on the waist.
Do not forget about training for the rest of the body. Cardio training, training in the gym with shells or at home with dumbbells can give you an excellent result.