A life

"I do not meet with rogue women": recognition by the provincial women

My friend Natasha moved to Moscow from a small village near Rostov three years ago. During this time, Natasha has already managed to get comfortable in the capital’s life and get along well: the girl has her own two-bedroom apartment almost in the center of Moscow, a high-class car, mandatory appearance tuning twice a month in the form of beauty salons, manicures and massages, regular departure to the sea and huge walk-in closet clogged with branded clothes.

How could an ordinary village girl for 3 years manage to get so chocolate in the capital? Natasha's answer is simple - she meets only with rich men. And no rogue. Of course, Natasha has a whole algorithm and a well-developed plan for finding such specimens. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time, your own money and patience, but the result is worth it.

As a rule, wealthy uncles are usually over 40 years old, married and not very beautiful. In the face of a young mistress, they are looking for an outlet from everyday life and routine, good sex and a vest for their own sentimental stories and complaints. In addition, the rich usually have a very sophisticated taste and addiction to strange experiments in bed.

As Natasha herself told, she had to wear men's clothes, shave her head, have threesome sex, or even four of us, be in the role of a disobedient student and a strict teacher, to comfort and stroke the whole night over the head of a suffering overgrown child and strip on the table in front of her eyes fifty men. Natasha often experienced humiliation, shame, physical pain and disgust. But all efforts are worth it. For the performance of their own whims, wealthy uncles very generously pay and sponsor their young mistress. Someone gives apartments and cars, someone just gives money, others pay vacation and purchases, and one fruit bought the floor of a jewelry store for Natasha.

When I asked if Natasha did not feel that she was a prostitute, the girl flashed, threw an angry look at my face, and then sighed heavily. “Yes, it’s almost akin to prostitution. The only difference is that I choose clients myself. Yes, and I get more for my work, ”she replied. “But, on the other hand, I live much better about better off than many native Muscovites. And I can afford absolutely everything I want, ”she concluded, and proudly threw up her head. But for some reason her lips trembled treacherously, and her breathing became frequent and confused.