Why 30 year old women are so attractive to men

Some miraculous inner transformation occurs with us closer to 30 years in the way we look at ourselves and our life. We are no longer obsessed with how we are perceived by others.

When we turn 30, we enter another phase of our life. We are no longer hampered by the fact that our families hoped that we will always be on top. Instead, we find exactly what seems useful to us. By this age, we understood: all that really worth having, no one will bring us on a silver platter.

At this age, we are far more important to the evening alone with our loved ones than the stormy parties in the company of unfamiliar people. We studied our own body and accepted it, so sex has become truly excellent for those who are more important to our soul, and not the physical aspect.

Now we know for sure what suits us better and what doesn't. Our 20 years could be funny, but this is nothing compared to what awaits us at 30. It is at this age that we find someone we want, but only because we have spent time studying ourselves and what love really means for us.

30 years - the beginning of the journey called "life"

We have already figured out for ourselves what exactly we want to do in this life of life. Our priorities change, and with it, awareness grows. We are no longer guided by narrow youthful egoism, because now we have a broad vision of what it really means to be an adult in this world. We begin to wonder how we can change the situation and what impact we want to have. The shift from “I” to “we” begins.

And although we may have moved away from a sense of spirituality, we still know that there is some great power that our mind recognizes. We just believe.

Yes, we got some lessons in our 20s, so now it's time to apply them. But the fact is that 30 is only the beginning, because if we lead this life correctly, then its next stage will be even better than now. 30 is a ticket to a journey called "life."

Our 30 years are designed to love life, enjoy every moment and fall asleep with a smile. The time has come to believe in ourselves and all that we have learned. Our 30 years is a time for action. Now is the time to grow, to experience love, to work and earn success.

But the most important thing is that 30 is when it is time to live in full, knowing that there will be no other such moment.