8 taboos for women if a man is nearby

Even if you are so close with your man that he saw you absolutely in any form at any time of the day or night, there are things that should remain only for your eyes.

1. Hygiene procedures

Brushing your teeth, going to the toilet, shaving, hair removal, squeezing acne - let it all remain solely in your priority. Therefore, do not forget to close the bathroom door when you are personally involved in your own business.

2. The contents of your handbag

You should not shake up your bag in front of a man. Firstly, it can contain quite personal things, and secondly, why does he need to know about all your secrets and the depths of the deposits?

3. Cosmetics application

Many women just love to be painted in front of their men and do not see anything wrong with that. And in vain. Let there be a riddle in you, and in it - complete confidence that your hair has always been that color, and the eyelashes are naturally long and fluffy.

4. Pedicure and manicure

It seems to be an innocuous procedure, but in fact their contemplation does not give much pleasure, especially to men. Think for yourself: cut nails, removed cuticle and cleaned out dirt. Few pleasant.

5. Correspondence with friends

Take care that your correspondence with friends does not fall within the reach of your partner. And not at all because you are discussing that sultry handsome man from work, but because there are things and topics of conversation that should remain solely in the women's competence.

6. Personal hygiene products

About this has already been said many times, but we repeat again. Do not discuss your critical days with a man and do not leave personal hygiene products in a prominent place. Everything.

7. The consequences of a stormy party

Even if it so happened that you went over a little, do everything so that the man does not witness these sad consequences. Lock the bathroom door on the lock and stay one-on-one with your faience friend, because at this moment you clearly do not shine with beauty and attractiveness, believe me.

8. Tests in women's magazines

When the answers are carefully circled, it is better to remove it away from the male eye. His opinion may not coincide diametrically with yours, and in some cases it is unpleasant to surprise. Why do you need these conflicts and misunderstandings?