9 things that are always in the purse of a well-groomed woman

Hand cream

To keep your hands always soft and well-groomed, carry a moisturizer with you to apply to your skin throughout the day. Choose low-fat and fast-absorbing textures, so as not to smudge your smartphone.

Lip balm

To keep your lips from cracking, moist and beautiful, apply lip balm on them. Choose transparent or pink shades so that you can apply a balm even without a mirror.

Matting napkins

Especially relevant for those who have oily or combination skin. Wipes instantly cope with shine and make-up in order during the day.

Moisturizing spray

What could be better than a moisturizing face spray? When you need to refresh yourself during the day and invigorate your skin, this is what you need.

Hair oil

Precipitation, wind, and generally humid air — all of this can cause the hair to push. And here comes to the aid of hair oil, which is able to tame any curls and keep the hair in the right shape.


Who does without favorite aroma in a handbag? Not comfortable to wear a full-sized bottle? Buy perfume in mini format.


You never know when a nail file might be needed. Choose a glass nail file that does not damage the nails, and carry it with you.

Facial cleansing wipes

Perhaps this is the most practical and useful item in your purse - as you know, napkins can be used for anything.

Dry shampoo

It will always help give your hair a fresh look and volume. Choose a tool in the travel format so that it does not take up much space in your purse.