How women age: 5 unpleasant types

In our country, the issue of aging women is a taboo. It's just nonsense, a ban on discussion and the strictest topic. Our women do not grow old at all, and after 40 immediately go to the cemetery. Because after 40 the very terrible age begins, in which no one recognizes and in every possible way tries to disguise it. We present to your attention 5 female types, who strongly resist their age, but, alas, he still takes his.

1. Eternal Teenager

Such ladies in their more than respectable age look like tomboy girls who have just left the school party - a blind race for fashion, screaming acid colors in clothes, ridiculous outfits, frivolous patterns and prints and hairstyle a la "eternal youth" . I must say, it looks all pretty stupid, short-sighted and very repulsive. After all, there is a time for everything, and the old age of Madame in school uniform clearly does not fit into the realities of everyday life.

2. Heartbreaker

This type is characterized by hypertrophied sexuality - tight clothes, short skirts, extreme cleavage, high heels and make-up in the style of lady-vamp. Women of such a warehouse are concerned with one goal - to find a male and prove to myself that they are still nothing. As a rule, all this tinsel for seduction looks good on young girls, who, because of their age, do not suffer from overweight, cellulite, stretch marks and spider veins. Adult women, sadly to admit it, usually have age-related problems with skin and figure, so you need to choose clothes so that it emphasizes advantages and not disadvantages.

3. Evil bitch

Such ladies can look almost as well as the ladies from the point above, with only one difference, that the stinkers are angry at everyone and the whole world around. They envy others, gloat when someone is ill, they go over their heads and consider their lives doomed, because old age is not far off. So one thing remains - to get angry and hate everyone.

4. Wise with experience

These women try to find advantageous parties at their age, therefore, they literally crush everyone around with their huge, as they themselves consider, experience. Moreover, they think they are specialists in absolutely all areas. Advice will be given to everyone - both single women, how to look for a husband, and “not beauties”, how to become a supermodel, and mothers raising children, and even men, how to care for women. The purpose of this is only one - look at me, I'm an adult, which means I know everything and, therefore, I am the best.

5. Asexual being

For such aunts, it is almost impossible to say how old they are - maybe 25, or maybe 45. Usually they are very impressive, dressed in shapeless clothes, smoking, drinking along with men, swearing and not knowing what a manicure is, deodorant and dress. They said goodbye to their femininity for a very long time, therefore they hide their age behind sports pants and sneakers of 42 sizes.