5 things that women should not ask in a relationship

Communication between partners is a key factor in romantic relationships. During honest conversations, we can tell the man that we like in their actions, what we expect, and also hear the same from him.

But there are things that should be in the relationship "by default". Here is what you should never ask your chosen one, because these things are obvious and without requirements:

1. Respect for you

Your man may be nice and respectful to you, but if his friends and / or family do not follow his example, this is a direct reflection of his inability to support you. Ultimately, this shows that in fact he does not respect you as he claims.

You do not need to ask him to delete the rude / cruel messages of his friends. You do not need to point out the disrespect you are experiencing, and then ask your man to do something about it. This, frankly, should be common sense, and the person you are with should take the initiative to correct these things on their own.

If the people he chooses are constantly disrespectful towards you or your relationship, then it is obvious that you are not as important to your man as you should be.

2. Acknowledgment of your help

If you helped him pay for the gift, your man should tell others that this is from both of you, not from him. If he spoiled the cake for a family celebration, and you had to fix everything, he must admit that you at least helped him do it, instead of declaring that he corrected everything on his own. In the end, these little things can lead to big problems.

3. Compliments

When you have a bad day or you tell him that you feel that you look like you just crawled out of a crypt, he should at least amuse you and try to regain your strength, and not agree with you every time or laugh it off. this topic.

Sense of humor is great, but sometimes we all just need to hear something nice. Your man is the only person to whom you pay special attention. On the days when you need it most, it should be your source of energy.

If he doesn’t give you compliments regularly, it may lead to you becoming dependent on the compliments of strangers, because they are the only ones who notice or recognize you in what your man doesn’t recognize at all. And this is sad.

4. Forget about the former

We all have baggage from the least favorite chapters of our stories that we carry with us just in case. We all had men, whose names left scars in our soul.

To be a part of a man is to know that you are not the first to hold his hands or wake up from his smile. You have to admit that his story is made up of women who were there once before you. This is normal.

However, it is bad when the name of his ex refuses to go out of his mouth. This is bad when comparisons are constantly being made or “rolling memories.” If the name of his ex still slips “in between”, even if they broke up two years ago and you two have been together for several months or longer, it’s bad for your relationship.

5. Keeping promises

If you decide to improve yourself and he decides to support you by joining you, you will not need to monitor his commitment to the cause. He should not waste your time or create obstacles to your goal. You cannot grow with someone who breaks his promise to be with you any minute.