5 types of men who can expect a forty year old woman

A single woman in her 40s is a phenomenon so common and widespread in our country that it has become the norm rather than the exception. We will not prevaricate that after 40 chances of finding a good average man are much less than 20. But there are certain male characters who purposefully choose mature women, because it is beneficial, first of all, to them.

1. Married

Family men need not only young mistresses, sometimes they are looking for a spare airfield in the form of an adult woman who is wise with life experience, intelligent, and understands perfectly why she is needed. With them, as a rule, there are far fewer problems than with 20-year-old nymphet, because a mature woman knows for sure that her place will always be number two after the wife.

2. Alphonse

As a rule, a woman after forty is an old woman with a good job, a steady income and quite well-to-do. Here it is, the best bait for those who wish to exist at the expense of others. And, believe me, these men are not enough - from yellow-haired youths and ending with adult uncles, looking for a "mommy" who will sponsor them.

3. Beaten by life

Such men, as a rule, have several marriages, a horde of children, an unfulfilled career and a wild hatred for all women in their lives. They blame anyone for their failed fate, but not themselves. And now, on the horizon, she appears - adult, solid and understanding. What is not an excellent candidate for vests?

4. Inexperienced young man

For such a guy, a mature woman, especially if she is beautiful and well-groomed, will be just a visual aid and valuable experience for the future. Such unions have a place in life when an adult girlfriend becomes a sort of mentor for a young guy who teaches, advises and opens up new horizons. But, as a rule, when a younger age of the same age appears, the former passion is quickly forgotten and goes away.

5. Almost old man

It is difficult to name the age when old age occurs in men, but it can be said with certainty that some particularly quick specimens, in order not to pass the long evenings alone, are looking for a companion for the rest of their lives. And, usually, their feelings and intentions are pure and serious, but not every woman will decide on such a union.