8 things that really smart woman does not require from her husband

Men are ready for women for many, but not all. Yes, we can use secret female weapons, enchantments, temptations and persuasions. But there are things that require too much from your man. Here are the most common demands of women for their partners, which should not be repeated.

1. Fully provide you

Of course, a man can and should help his beloved financially and provide all possible assistance. But to demand that he fully support you - alas, this happens only in cheap TV shows or in girls of easy virtue. First of all, you should be self-sufficient and independent of your partner, so as not to remain at the bottom of the trough.

2. Change for your sake

A person can change, but only if he wants it. Expose ultimatums and pour threats with the requirements to change - an occupation that is doomed to failure in advance. Firstly, it is called manipulation, and secondly, all your work will end with the fact that at one moment a person will simply break down, and everything that you did not like so much will come out in double size.

3. Always admire you

Require that a man at any time, day or night, tell you how smart and beautiful you are, is impossible. You should not be offended if he didn’t notice the new hairstyle or didn’t appreciate the new dress: the male brain is simply different, and what seems incredibly important for us is nothing.

4. Agree with you in everything

This is already a complete matriarchy and dictatorship. In a relationship, it is important that each partner has the opportunity to express his point of view, even if it is very different from the opposite. Most importantly: no offense and scandals, you are adults. Both should strive to reach agreement.

5. Change clothes if you don’t like

Do you think and just sure that he should shave his head, change his official suit for jeans and become a brutal guy. But your man does not think so and has the full right to it, because appearance is a purely personal matter of each person. No one has the right to indicate how the other should dress.

6. Chat with your friends

Even if you hope that it will bring you closer and strengthen the bond, you should not ask your partner to spend time with you when you meet with friends. Such meetings are intended only for girls, a man may be boring for them.

7. Spend all your free time together.

It is simply physically impossible and extremely destructive for any relationship. Personal space is a very important aspect of each person’s life, which guarantees a healthy union and harmony with oneself. Without them, it is simply impossible to build a truly strong relationship.

8. have a baby

This is a very serious question that requires a long discussion and complete unanimity. Because the child is a big responsibility, a serious decision and the meaning of life. And if your partner is not yet ready for this, it is not necessary to force him by hook or by crook and go for tricks, because then he simply can’t cope with his fatherly duties and pricks the skis to the left. Do you need it?