He will not take your eyes off: 5 models of dresses that fascinate men

Men are attracted to what they see, and not what they really are. Scientists have shown that men fall in love faster than women - they read our visual cues: delicate smooth skin, shiny, silky hair and seductive clothing.

Sensual lace

Almost 70% of men to the question what dress they would like to see more often on women, answered a black little dress. In their opinion, black creates mystery and mystery, and a black lace dress lifts the veil of mystery that you want to solve.
Dress Forever New, Dress Forever New,

Permanent red

It is curious that the color affects a man without his knowledge. Studies show that red color affects men subconsciously. Red is the color of vital energy, it enhances human passions and excites. It is interesting that we in a red dress feel especially welcome and sexy and, therefore, we transmit this state to others.
Dress Olga Skazkina., Dress Olga Skazkina,.

Captivating view

An open back in a dress has a stunning effect on men. A woman looks both desirable and impregnable. Add a playful look over your shoulder - everything, the man of your dreams, is ready to follow you to the ends of the earth! Jewelry is better to choose minimalistic: thin bracelets on the wrists, neat earrings. By the way, a pendant on a long chain will look very impressive on a bare back.
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Mysterious flicker

Dim lights, romantic music, playful play of your brilliant outfit. You are a distant brilliant star that a man certainly needs to reach, conquer and surround with his love.
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Perfect tool of seduction

Dress with a slit from the thigh gives the most stunning effect. Dress with a hint that gives room for male fantasies. In this dress you will easily attract and hold the attention of men. Do not forget your posture and confidence. You are beautiful, be yourself.
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