Give men gifts - they deserve them

“He hasn't given me flowers for a month already,” a girl at the next table complains to her friend. Language itches to ask - what did she give him this month? Most likely nothing. Because gifts to men are not accepted - this is supposedly a man's duty. More often, women simply do not think about this topic. But in a good way, any manifestation of attention should be bilateral. And if you expect gifts and compliments from your beloved, then why don't you start it yourself?

And men love gifts very much. And sincerely, childly happy when they receive them. As evidence - 7 real stories of men about what spontaneous and unexpected (and therefore even more pleasant) gifts were made by their beloved women.

“I didn’t think women could make gifts for nothing. But then my new girlfriend gave me a certificate to the musical instruments shop - I told her that I broke my favorite guitar. I was pleasantly surprised. We have been living with her for three years now - we should not miss such a treasure. ”

“My wife constantly gives me little presents — for example, socks tied with a gift ribbon. It is very nice, and always reminds me of how she loves me. ”

“Once my girlfriend dragged a huge plush bulldog to me as a gift. Bulldog! He says he liked it, but there was no one else to give. Next to him, it is very comfortable to fall asleep on the couch on cold winter evenings. ”

“I adore sweets, and my beloved one somehow presented me with a whole box, where I threw various sneakers, mars and other tasty food. This was enough for us for two days. ”

“Immediately after my acquaintance, my wife taught me that gifts should not be only on holidays, as excuses. They need to give whenever you want to make a person enjoyable. Since then, we constantly delight each other - sweets, small and funny toys, unusual souvenirs - anything that can bring a smile. ”

“I passed a difficult exam, and at home my wife met me with a huge bouquet of flowers. I laughed - they are given to women. But she argues that the man and flowers give useful. She was right - I was very pleased. And I also really enjoyed the delicious dinner that came with the flowers. ”

“I gave my beloved on the anniversary a pink teddy cat to remind her of me. And in return she gave me a toy, Ferby. The most amusing thing turned out to be. ”