A life

Do not drive yourself into domestic slavery

Each of us was raised in such a way that we consider our main goal in life to get married and become a good wife. Few of the women manage to avoid imposing these “family” values ​​since childhood and learn to live for pleasure.

If in the West this is more or less good, then our women cannot live at all for their pleasure. All the time they tend to overwhelm themselves with domestic work, taking care of children, which they often do alone, and they also try to build a career. And they completely forget that a woman should be happy. Some even manage to convince themselves that they are happy - because they have everything as it should. And there is work - unloved, but the money is paid, and the husband is only from him, though not very much, but his own. And the children, on whom the entire salary and free time goes, but they are the flowers of life. And, of course, life - isn’t every woman dreaming about in order to feed her beloved borscht from morning to night?

I do not in any way condemn family values. And even encourage. Every person should have a family. We are not created for loneliness, and we feel happy when surrounded by family, close people. But the existing stereotypes about family values ​​and the distribution of roles I do not like.

Patriarchal foundations were quite relevant to themselves, at least when a man provided a woman with everything - money, food, care and protection. There were times when women were forced to charge everything, just to survive - for example, during the war. There was no other choice.

But now, fortunately, not war. And men only rarely provide for their family so that women can afford not to work.

Not so long ago, I was visiting friends of my husband - and I witnessed a curious conversation. The husband - the owner, with whom we were visiting, joked that it was time to buy a dishwasher - the family became big, and he was already tired of washing the dishes. His friend was very surprised. How is he doing the dishes? This is women's work. And generally unmanly. The owner replied with dignity that his wife cooks much better than he, and she likes it more. And since she is cooking, his job is to wash the dishes. And they do the cleaning in turn. Both spouses in this family work, and the wife has reached no less career heights than her husband. Together they manage the house, the two of them take care of two small children - and they are absolutely happy.

However, there are still men who believe that household chores are “not a man's business,” and women are obliged to do all this. They, in general, are not to blame - they, like women, are inspired. But as long as there are women who agree on this, they will not succeed in changing anything.

If you take on the whole life, it does not make you happy. Happy marriage will make your love and understanding, respect and the absence of a depressing routine. Get rid of the routine, keep the household together and with pleasure - and you will be surprised how your relationship will change.