Image after 40: 7 bugs with hair that makes it look more attractive and younger

The worst thing a woman can do with her hair is not to do anything new with it over time. Namely, continue to care for the curls, as if in a passport is still 20 years old. And such an error has several sub-clauses.

Keep painting dark

With age, skin color changes. And if at the dawn of youth, dark hair color adds brightness and charisma to the image, then after 40 it can expose minor flaws, such as facial wrinkles. But this does not mean giving up the favorite shade. After all, you can beat it in a new way - use a tinted shampoo to create a “playing” overflow on your hair or choose the same color, but a couple of shades are lighter. This will refresh your face, make it younger and more attractive.

Refuse fashionable ways of coloring

Forty years is not a border beyond which all experiments with the image are banned. At this age, you can and should try new ways of transformation. And fashionable staining is no exception. After all, they are made absolutely for all ages. Highlighting, coloring, shatush, balayazh - only a small list of hairdressing techniques to create a beautiful and spectacular play of colors on the hair. And such changes are worth trying.

Wear a very short haircut

The confidence that a haircut "under the boy" minimizes all the troubles with the hair, sometimes plays a cruel joke with mature women. By making the hair very short, which goes far from everyone, some ladies add vagueness and dullness to their appearance. Yes, a haircut a little longer than a centimeter is easier to lay than long curls. But if short hair makes the face visually fuller and is completely incompatible with other details of the image, then it is better to choose haircuts of medium length, which will perfectly suit a woman in her 40s.

Forget about comprehensive care

In 20 years, when the hair is strong and healthy, it is often enough for them to wash. But over the years, the curls gradually lose their natural immunity. Therefore, it is a mistake to think that after 40 strands will be strong and strong by themselves. They really need support. Comprehensive care in the form of nutrition, hydration and recovery will help the hair follicles to retain their vital strength longer and stay healthy.

Out of habit to perm

With the advent of mature age, hair becomes drier and brittle. And if in youth the perm created naughty curls on the head, then after 40 the use of this technique of giving hair volume can seriously harm. As a safe alternative, hairdressers are advised to use a biowave or to completely change the image, for example, to make curls with the help of curlers or curling with the preliminary application of means with a thermal protection effect.

Abuse styling tools

Any styling agent is a mixture of rather harmful ingredients. In 20 years, their use has little effect on the health of hair, 30 more, and after 40 it may even cause thinning, dullness and breakage of the strands. In addition, the abundance of varnish, mousse or gel on the head adds to the image of unnaturalness, and it ages. Therefore, styling products should be used with caution, give the hair a "breather" and do a restoration session after each strong and long styling.

Expose hair to weather conditions.

Hot sun and severe frost have a detrimental effect on hair. And with age, the influence of weather on the state of the locks is felt more significantly. In order for the hair to look healthy and not at all stress the age of its owner, it is advisable to protect them from scorching rays and negative temperatures with headgear and to remember about seasonal care. After all, beautiful hair after 40 is a wonderful reward for a woman for her respect for herself and those advantages that nature has generously rewarded.