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10 actions that only moms are capable of, and for which we should be grateful to them


Moms are holy people! They care about us, love and support us. There are roles that only moms can best perform for us. It’s not that someone else could do something for us, but if our mother does it, then this act immediately takes on special significance.

Below are 10 things for which we should be immensely grateful to our mothers:

Because they gave birth to us

It is absolutely obvious that this role belongs only to our mothers, which is why we are called their children. But if you think for a moment about the time when your mother was nurturing and giving birth to you, then an irresistible desire could arise in you to call her immediately and thank her for it.

For feeding us

From the very first day of your life, your mother sacrificed herself and her time for your “well-fed” life. Even if she fed you from a bottle, anyway, every moment she listened to whether you were calm and made sure to feed you in time and not to starve.

For wiping away tears

Your mother always knows how to pity you correctly. Whether you cried because of a broken knee, or when you grew up, because of parting with the boy, your mother was always there to hug and support you.

For cleaning you up

With young children, unpleasant stories happen and in these situations your mother always cleaned up yours. She cares for you when you are ill. Pours orange juice into a glass, covers you with blankets when you lie down with a cold, reminds you to take a pill in time.

For taking you to music lessons

Let's admit to ourselves honestly: playing a musical instrument was not immediately given to us. At first, mom was nearby and encouraged you. Thank her for helping you discover new things in this world and for explaining the importance of hard practice.

For not throwing out your funny pictures

No matter how “masterpiece” you create and how funny and inept it might be, your mother always thanked you for it and proudly showed it to those around you. She was always proud of you, no matter what you do.

For her sleepless nights

When you started disappearing with a group of friends late at night, she was worried about you and did not sleep, even if she needed to get up early in the morning. She asked you if you liked the party, how it went and who was there.

For collecting your lunch at work ... although you are no longer a child

Although this does not happen every day, but the most delicious dinners are those made by your mummy’s hands. Be sure to thank her for making great food for you.

For the fact that she likes to please you

It may be some small gift or an invitation to go to lunch together, your mother likes to surprise you with her unexpected suggestions, because she likes to see a smile on your face. She just wants you to be happy.

For not forgetting you day or night

No one thinks of you as much as your mother thinks of you. She loves you as you are and respects your work. She sincerely wishes you success and happiness.

Now, when you do not live together, she continues to do a lot for you. Be sure to call her or go stay with her nearby. Thank her and tell her how much you love her!