Love story

I am a lover: what is it like to be the third extra

Mistresses who give birth to romance with married men do not like and despise. Everyone calls them razluchnitsami, snakes who break up someone else's family. However, few people think about the reasons why women sometimes go for it.

The story of Lyudmila is hardly an exception to the rule. There are many such stories, and each of them is a real tragedy for a woman.

“We met him when I was 29 - at a party of mutual friends. I was not married, I was completely free. He also had a family - a wife and two daughters. Therefore, despite the fact that I liked him at first sight, I did not make any plans. I am not one of those who discourage other men.

Fate, however, decreed otherwise. And when a year later, I was looking for work, I met him again. He was the head of the department in which I worked, and we had to communicate.

Gradually we got closer - he was a very interesting person for me. And six months later, I suddenly realized that I love this man, and I don’t want to see anyone around. Except him.

Becoming his mistress, I did not want to the very last moment. I had a sad childhood experience - the marriage of my parents ruined my father's mistress. Throughout my life, I considered this unfamiliar woman, who took away my father, as an evil witch, and least of all I wanted to be like her.

Unfortunately, I could not resist. One day, after the corporate party, we were left alone, and there everything happened. Honestly, I did not even have time to understand anything - my brain did not work, completely obeying the desires of the body.

After that moment we hadn’t seen each other for a month - I didn’t know how to look into his eyes, so I went to the hospital, and then begged a little leave. All this time I was lying with the pizza on the couch, absolutely not knowing what to do.

Looking back, I understand that the best thing I could do was to quit and permanently delete this person from my life. But I could not. I came back and met him again.

We continued to meet. I did not demand to leave the family, although the fact that he was deceiving his wife seemed to me blatantly wrong. It seemed to me that he was suffering, like me, torn to pieces.

One day, his wife found out about everything. Either she guessed, or he told her about me. She called me, screamed into the phone, cried. And I was silent, because I did not know what to say. It never occurred to me to defend my love - it still seems to me that I had no right to it.

After a month of long explanations, the beloved came to me. But we had no happiness at all. How can women who take a man from a foreign family manage to be happy with them? He fell into real depression. He missed the children with whom his wife would not let him see him, his wife. In addition, he was constantly tormented by a feeling of guilt in front of me, because the partner from him became really so-so - his longing passed on to me.

I loved him and still love him. But I could not live with him. We spent only three months and decided to leave. Temporarily or permanently - I do not know yet. But I don’t just see no other way out and I can’t build my happiness in someone else’s grief. "

A rivalry with another woman for a man - especially with one who has more rights to him than you, will not lead you to anything. Chances for a successful outcome is very small. Therefore, if you feel that you are drawn to a man who is busy, run before it is too late. Your heart will be more whole.