5 most gentle female aromas

The person is designed in such a way that in many things he orients himself precisely by smell. The relationship between people is one of them. Pleasant aroma can make an impression, place a person towards you, and sharp, on the contrary, push away. In addition, it is very important that the flavor fits you, fits your character.

Femmie talks about the finest, most delicate fragrances that romantic ladies should choose.

Yellow Diamond by Versace

@ bonjourhermine Very sunny, delicate scent. If you miss the summer, this is a reason to think about it and try on a delicate floral bouquet on yourself. Top notes of orange blossom and sweet pear turn into a floral bouquet. It is clearly audible mimosa, water lily, freesia. In the train - delicate and subtle woody shades.

Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent

@ alyonka_blogIf you are a sweet tooth, and you prefer mouth-watering flavors that literally spittle, try naughty, girlishly tender Baby Doll. In this inimitable perfume, sweet floral notes of lily of the valley, roses and freesias are intricately intertwined with berry and fruit notes.

Flora by Gucci

@ Another one delicate floral fragrance for the most delicate and romantic persons. The top notes of this exquisite composition are fresh citrus fruits with hints of rose and peony. In the heart of the fragrance - sweet osmanthus. Flora trail is woody floral in which subtle notes of patchouli and sandalwood intertwine.

Agent Provocateur from Agent Provocateur

@ etos51 An incredibly sensual and sexy scent for romantic at heart, but passionate women. This composition is rather contradictory - it combines spicy musky and fresh woody shades, and it ends with notes of a delicate rose.

Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana

@ cecybeneVery feminine and sophisticated perfume, which is dominated by a rose. Combined with the exquisite peony, it serves as a real embodiment of sensuality and elegance. This floral scent can accompany you everywhere - making you an attractive day, and an incredibly desirable evening.