Best lovers of the signs of the zodiac


If the couple does not match the sexual rhythms and appetites, this leads to frequent quarrels, conflicts and dissatisfaction with each other.

Read our horoscope of lovers on the signs of the zodiac, and choose the best pair for yourself.


In relationships, they are very courteous and tactful with their women (although they don’t tolerate empty promises, if you give him any hopes, then they will achieve their own), and in sex they are impetuous and very passionate. He has rich sexual fantasies, and he is looking for a woman with whom he can bring them to life.


He is very straightforward. If he likes a woman, he will try to move to closer relationships as quickly as possible, and in this regard he will be very persistent. In sex, he is insatiable and rather inventive. Sometimes it may seem that from women he needs only the satisfaction of his sexual needs, but in reality this is not the case - emotions and feelings also take place.


They are very inconsistent and often change their preferences. They constantly have only one thing - they adore experiments and try new, sometimes extreme techniques in bed. If it appeals to you, then they definitely won't be bored with them.


Sensual and gentle, Cancer man feels great to you. Your pleasure for him is not an empty sound. He is ready to experiment, try something and study your body, ensuring that you were really good with it.

a lion

This man in the first place puts his own interests and his pleasure. Dominance definitely prevails in sex with him - and besides, he likes to experiment, and will certainly try to incline his partner to new poses and elements. However, despite selfishness, he is quite capable of giving you pleasure, which is incomparable.


Men of this sign focus not only on sex, but on the fact that he accompanies him - his attitude towards a woman, the situation around him, cleanliness, the aesthetic part. Sex with Virgos is very diverse - despite their restraint, they will never refuse to try anything unusual.


These men in sex require effort not only from themselves, but also from their partner - he will not mind if you take the initiative. Sometimes he has unusual desires — for example, sex in the soul, or even in a public place — he will gladly try something that will add some severity to intimate relationships.


Sex with representatives of this sign is incredible. He feels a partner literally at the level of instinct and always knows what to do, which she was very good. However, he does not forget about himself. The most incredible sexual experiments - including BDSM. Scary and seductive - that's how you can describe sex with him.


Sociable, seductive and ... unfaithful - all this is about Streltsov. Sexual pleasure - this is what they live, and they want it as much as possible. A relationship with a woman limits him, and he avoids them for as long as possible, seeking to preserve his freedom for pleasure.


Outwardly discreet, In bed, Capricorn may surprise you. He is sexy, insatiable and not against trying something that has never tried. He prefers domination and sado-maso - he is true to his desire to control the situation entirely.


Despite their freedom-loving lifestyle and belonging to the air element, Aquarius are quite conservative in sex. They are not averse to delivering their favorite pleasure, but sometimes they do it in rather beaten ways. However, they are always open to new proposals and are not averse to trying what the partner wants.


Living in their own world and completely unpredictable, they are such a de and in sex. It is very difficult to determine the preferences characteristic of all representatives of this sign - everyone expects something different from the relationship. But you can say for sure that it will be something unusual or even extreme. How do you, for example, sex on the balcony?