5 events that can destroy your relationship

If you are relatively recent and did not have time to go through the fire, water and copper pipes, do not rush to say that you know each other perfectly and are a beautiful couple. Of course, truly serious tests for testing feelings in the lives of most people are rare (fortunately), but there are more than enough of these tests in everyday life.

Today we will talk about events that should be happy, if your senses endure them.


You have been together for quite some time, and you have come to the conclusion that you cannot do without each other. And they decided to move in. Who to whom he moves does not even have a special meaning. Each person has their own habits and peculiarities, which are not always noticeable until you start living together. Whether or not your relationship persists after you live for a while depends on how acceptable each other's habits and behavior in everyday life are for you.


It would seem that in this terrible? After all, this is the most joyful event in the life of a couple. However, very many couples, unable to withstand the wedding troubles, part, and did not reach the registry office. And the whole thing is that when preparing for a wedding, such qualities of partners are determined as the ability to go to the conflict, listen to each other and respect the wishes of a loved one, stress resistance and immunity to the opinions of others (“Dear, my mother suggests celebrating our wedding in the dining room of Aunt Nina, why spend the money? "). No wonder before filing an application and registration of marriage must take at least two months.


Following the wedding is the next event, which may encourage you to leave. On vacation, a couple also lurks a lot of trials. It still begins at home when one wants to ski in the mountains, and the other wants to relax on the beach at the sea. On vacation, everything continues - someone wants to lie by the sea and watch the sunset, and during the day they go on excursions, but they haven’t completely surrendered to their partner - he is drawn to see the local nightlife. The secret here again is to find a solution that will suit both.


Perhaps the most famous and most tiresome test for a couple. What you just do not have to face - and with a lack of understanding, and with a mismatch of tastes, and with mutual accusations of clubhand or laziness. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to hire a brigade, be sure to do it.

Birth of a child

Those situations where a man leaves a pregnant spouse should not even be discussed - there could hardly have been a happy relationship anyway. The very appearance of the baby in the family itself is a stressful factor for the relationship. The reasons may be different - sometimes the young father begins to be jealous of his wife for the child, and suffer from a lack of attention; sometimes the wife gets so tired that she does not have enough strength for her husband. Sometimes a child causes discord in the intimate life of partners, which leads to the fact that the relationship between husband and wife becomes cool. However, if the family copes with everything, it will become even happier.

Do not be afraid of these things - they can not crush really strong and sincere feelings. And if your relationship suddenly could not stand them - maybe you really are not the best couple?