5 colors in clothes that are perfect for all brunettes

When choosing the color of clothes you should focus on a number of factors - mood, personal preferences, compliance with the situation. In addition, there are colors that go to you, beat the virtues of your appearance and delicately look away from the shortcomings. These colors are the easiest to choose, based on the color of your hair. Today we will talk about which colors look the most advantageous on girls with dark hair.

The black

This is a classic color that looks good on all girls and makes it visually slimmer. However, if at the fair-haired girls he sometimes does not look very good and may even turn pale, then at brunettes he looks aristocratic and very stylish.


Ideal for dark-haired girls who love to be the center of attention. This color makes your appearance "play", will give you confidence in yourself and make everyone pay attention to you.


This color can look unsuccessful with pale skin, but on brunettes with dark skin looks very interesting and perfectly emphasizes the facial features. Its great advantage is that it can act as a bright accent - if you choose a rich shade of yellow, and complement other colors in the image - if you choose soft or light shades.


Brown color does not cause melancholy at all, if you wear it correctly and correctly combine it with other colors. Rich and deep, it looks great on dark-haired girls and is great for creating solemn evening or restrained office images.


Its shades - from light and bright to dark saturated, also look amazingly good on those whom nature has awarded with deep dark hair. It is preferable to use it for girls with skin that is pale by nature.
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