4 types of creative dyeing for hair that will refresh your look

Women are very inconstant - we constantly want something. That new shoes, a beautiful dress, then a new hairstyle. And this is very good - after all, changes are only for the better (although we do not recommend changing men every month).

If you have already tried all the latest trends in make-up, but for a creative haircut the time has not come yet, try an unusual coloring. About 4 of the most interesting in our opinion technology, we will tell today.


ShutterstockThis dyeing technique gives your hair the appearance of sun-bleached hair and looks very attractive due to a harmonious and natural transition from shade to shade. This coloring looks great on girls with both dark and blond hair. Well, its main advantage is that in a month you will not have to run to the salon and adjust the coloring - even after the hair has grown, your hair will look beautiful and harmonious.


ShutterstockTransition from shade to shade, or ombre, in recent years is very popular everywhere - in manicure, make-up and even in clothes. On the hair, the ombre effect is the easiest to create, and this coloring looks impressive. The only caveat - ombre looks the more interesting, the longer your hair. In addition, ombre is a solution for thin hair, as this technique makes hair look more voluminous.

If you have enough courage and want a more extravagant image, give preference not to natural shades, but more vivid ones. Pink and orange are welcome this spring.


ShutterstockThis dyeing technique is interesting because the master dyes only the top layer of hair. Balayazh is quite a subtle job, but the result is definitely worth it. We do not recommend doing such staining yourself - the selection of color and its application require precise work by an experienced colorist.

After dyeing balayazh hair look voluminous, shimmering, and the color - much deeper and multifaceted.


Shutterstock If you belong to those girls who like to stand out from the crowd, or represent one of the professions that requires creativity in the image, try bright feathering. This method involves dyeing individual strands partially or completely. This method was used in the classic highlighting, which was very relevant back in 2007. If earlier for this purpose light shades were used, then today the choice of color is not limited. Bright and unusual colors can highlight your individuality. With this hairstyle, you probably will find yourself in the spotlight.

If your natural hair color bored you, try something new. Spring is the best time for a change.