The kitchen is the place of the woman: and this is one of the reasons why the society is not eating well

Housework has long been considered a female responsibility. Women prepared and fed their men, washed their clothes, raised their children. And in those days when it was all her duties, and it was contained by a man, it was quite acceptable.

But times are changing, and women, too, were forced to go to work to maintain the well-being of their families and live better. And then the society was faced with a problem - women began to experience a huge overload.

Returning home after a hard day of work, they were forced to go home, cook food - this is considered a women's responsibility.

The decision came from where they did not expect - ready-to-eat food has become a new word in the food industry. Eating convenience foods, and then fast food, quickly became a habit, and there were many reasons.

First, cooking takes a lot of time (and this is not to mention the fact that after that you need to wash up a mountain of dishes). And all this work is dumped on the shoulders of a woman who came from work tired. Of course, she would prefer semi-finished products to rest at least a little.

Secondly, semi-finished products and fast food are much cheaper. Natural products are not cheap, especially if not the season. Eating qualitatively in our time is almost a luxury, not affordable for everyone.

So, the company switched to the finished products of controversial quality, to frozen dishes and pizza to order. In other words, we followed in the footsteps of the United States, which experienced a similar situation somewhat earlier. What did this lead them to? The problem of obesity is most relevant for residents of the United States.

In our country, this is not so pronounced, first of all, due to the fact that our women process. They are accustomed to work, and after work they try to prepare high-quality food for themselves, their husbands and children. However, this situation can hardly be called correct. Why should a woman, the weaker sex, have to work more than a man who is obviously stronger? At the same time, men still say something about equality. There is no equality in our society.

The way out of this situation is the division of responsibilities at home. Both a man and woman should have at least the same amount of work. A man can quite cope with cooking and cleaning the house. Some men cook even better than women. And a man should take a direct part in raising children - after all, this is his children too, and they really need his father's attention.

Teach your men to cook. They can and must learn to do it. So it will be better for everyone - for you, and for the man, and for the relationship in your couple. And even for society as a whole.