5 dangerous diets that will give you not only a slim figure, but also health problems

The fashion industry gives us not only opportunities for self-expression, but also imposes our own standards, which are always easy to meet. This is especially true of the requirements for the figure - we all used to think that only slender girls are beautiful. As a result, those whose size is higher than m and l are ready to make sacrifices in order to get a dream figure. And sometimes it costs women too much to pay.

What diets are considered the most dangerous and can greatly harm your health?

Gourmet Diet

A rather unusual diet, which has become widespread among those who can not do without sweets. Its essence lies in the fact that during the week you should consume only chocolate and sweets (up to 100 g per day), and drink them - only black coffee without sugar. Sweet beats off the feeling of hunger, and therefore you get less calories.

What is dangerous?

Fluctuations of glucose in the blood and lack of nutrients that are not and can not be in chocolate and candy, lead to the fact that you begin to have problems with the stomach, and the energy, a powerful surge which you get in the first days, quickly disappears along with performance. In addition, it has a very negative effect on the menstrual cycle, and with it - on sexual desire.

Protein diet

The essence of this diet is that you limit carbohydrates, preferring meat and fish. Since there are practically no extra carbohydrates, which are then transferred to the subcutaneous fat, the weight really goes away. But at what cost?

What is dangerous?

Excess protein exerts the strongest load on the kidneys, which leads to the formation of stones. In addition, there is a formation of metabolic by-products that have a toxic effect on the body.

Liquid diet

This diet lasts a whole month, and during this time, all products can be consumed only in liquid form.

That is, all the dishes that you eat should be homogenized.

What is dangerous?

Our body can not take ground food - it is chewing and starts the process of digestion, and food pieces should stimulate peristalsis. As a result, the metabolic process is seriously disturbed, the work of the stomach, too, which leads to serious eating disorders. The mucosa suffers greatly. In addition, it is also inefficient - all these nuances contribute to accelerated weight gain.

Cleansing diet

The goal of such a diet is to cleanse the body of toxins that clog up our bodies, and at the same time lead to weight gain. For this purpose, cleansing cocktails are used, which can be of different composition or supplied in finished form.

What is dangerous?

This diet will not bring any special benefit to your body, but you will provide a shake to it. In addition, after this diet, the body not only instantly regains its weight - there is a risk of gaining much more.

Diet pills

From the women's point of view, a very simple way to lose weight is also the most dangerous. It would seem that it can be easier and more pleasant than losing weight, taking pills and not limiting yourself in food?

What is dangerous?

Bada, pills for reducing appetite and other medicines can lead to disruption of the proper functioning of the internal organs, and in the worst case even turn you into an invalid.