Jeans that will make your legs slimmer: 5 trendy models

The right choice of jeans will help you look slimmer. There are several styles that allow you to adjust the shape and visually fix the problem areas. We have prepared for you a selection of inexpensive but very stylish jeans, which we recommend to include in your basic wardrobe.

Black skinny with a high waist

Mango jeans, Watch in store

The best style for harmony of legs, than this, not to find. And all because the color works here (black makes the figure visually smaller in volume), and style (high waist extends the legs and therefore makes them slimmer visually). Add high heels to look perfect!

Straight jeans with arrows

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Any vertical stripes visually slim. No exception are the arrows on the jeans, which also adjust the figure. And still straight cut hides those extra pounds in the region of the calf, if available, which is also an important factor. Of course, it is better to wear such jeans with shoes with heels and with short tops to enhance the effect of slimness.

High Waist Flared Jeans

Mango jeans, .Watch in store

In this case, an additional slim give the high waist, black jeans and flared style. This form of pants will make any legs perfect, regardless of the size of the woman. Try to wear them with shoes with a sharp nose and tuck into a jeans shirt, so the legs will seem as long as possible.

Jeans flared from the hip

Mango jeans, .Watch in store

Gorgeous style for those who want to appear slimmer and taller! Do not forget about the presence of high waist and straight leg extending to the bottom. All this makes the model model, especially in combination with shoes with heels. The main thing is not to overload the top and choose a tight jumper or top, which should be tucked into jeans to emphasize the waist.


Mango jeans, .Watch in store

As mentioned above, any high-waisted jeans visually lengthen the legs. In this case, the shape adjusts and style mom, which hides the extra pounds and is suitable for everyone. Since these jeans are decorated with pearls, it is better to wear them with basic jumpers without decor, and choose shoes with thick high heels.